8/27 💜


vegan double chocolate cake anyone? ☺️
This year has been filled with many ups and downs, but in it all, I give thanks. Last year this time I was absolutely miserable and preparing myself to fly down to Florida to heal at my moms place. I told myself I wanted next years birthday to be much better and in a more progressed state of health and I got my wish! Just being in a stress free environment, fresh air, warm weather & sun, and an abundance of healing foods and essential oils really gave me the tools I needed to progress in my healing. This summer brought me to the best state I’ve been in awhile, allowing me to get out and about more frequently and in less and less pain. I found myself enjoying the heat on my skin more and truly just being appreciative of every pain free moment, spreading my arms out breathing in the fresh air and just enjoying natures design. The day before my birthday I was feeling melancholy, stressed and overwhelmed. Birthdays can be a reminder of what you have or haven’t achieved in the past year and going through TSW can make you feel like life is on hold. I started going through the long list of things that need to be done, and stressing over how it’s going to get done, and beating myself up for not being in a certain level of independence and “adulthood”. I picked myself up this morning and gave thanks to God. There’s much to be thankful and celebrated today and I had to remind myself of that. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, family and friends who love and encourage me and a better state of health that will only progress as time passes! I’m thankful that I have this platform to share my experience and be able to connect with and encourage others in this process. Your kind words and good vibes keep me going on sharing my journey and keep me motivated and inspired to continue learning and spreading knowledge on health and wellness. I look forward to my “new year” and having more fun and accomplishing more goals. 💜

*summer skin update with pics coming soon!

8 thoughts on “8/27 💜

  1. Happy Big Mega Birthday Jen. Can I have a piece of that cake? lol! My thoughts have been with you, you are the true eczema Rebel!!! May God continue to make this easy for you, I can absolutely relate with the mixed feelings birthdays can bring especially as we long and hope for somethings… I will always say it I admire your resilience, and your commitment. You have been through so much and you still wear your smile beautifully… I will write about you soon on my blog and in an upcoming e-book. Stay strong and awesome as always.

    1. Thank you so much Maryam, your comment made my day! I’d love to share a slice 😜 Thanks for your kind words and keeping me in your thoughts! I hope you’re doing great! I’d love to be featured in your blog and e-book! Just shoot me an email if you need anything from me ☺️ eczema.holistic.healing@gmail.com Take care & God bless you!💜

  2. Isn’t that bad even though it’s vegan? I’ve had eczema for 30 years and I’m 9 months into my new diet/routine. I’ve had a massive improvement but it seems to have stalled, or slowed down hugely. Apart from some rash behind the knees… now the main problem is stubborn dryness. The scratching and sores have gone, but my skin still looks dry and tired as hell.

    I currently can’t get rid of my vice… chocolate vegan brownies. Do you think this is holding me up? Or is it a waiting game of highly restricted diet?


    1. Hey there!
      Yea the chocolate cake is definitely not an everyday thing for me, I rarely ever eat chocolate and sweets but since it was my birthday a slice wouldn’t kill me. If you are going to indulge in some of these foods, leave it to when more healing has taken place and very very rarely. Good on you for being 9 months in! I’m guessing you’ve also stopped using topical steroids? Healing isn’t linear, so you will find times of intense detox and times where it seems stagnant. Stick with it though.the body will do a lot of repairing, than take a break. You can make a raw brownie with blended dates, carob powder and nuts instead! You can shoot me an email for more tips and advice if you’d like! eczema.holistic.healing@gmail.com

  3. I used Foderma eczema serum. I like the consistancy, not a greasy or thick cream, and unlike all the others IT WORKS fast and…love the bottle size. Jar sizes stay in the cabinet, this fits in my purse and I will take it on my vacation to UK!

    1. I looked at the website, but they don’t say what the ingredients are. Can you tell me what’s in your bottle? I’m all about natural ingredients, that’s why I just stick with my oils, shea butter and essential oils. It’s all about what you put inside your body too, you truly are what you eat, and eating healthy and as close to nature intended is best for healing.

  4. My son bought suffer from eczema and have got prescription from his doctor for foderma serum. These seem to be the only one that does the trick and magically helps within a day. I always suggest this.

    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for the recommendation. I went to their website but I couldn’t find any info about all of the ingredients in the product. Could you tell me what’s in it??

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