My #1 Eczema “Ooze” Remedy

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This is seriously the most effective remedy that I’ve done for that awful eczema ooze, HANDS DOWN! I so wish I had found out about it in my early incredibly awful stages of topical steroid withdrawal where I had open wounds and ooze literally dripping down my legs and feet as well as a light covering over my cheeks, sometimes coming out of my ears, light coverings on my legs and stomach. As time went on the ooze pretty much stayed from my legs down with the occasional face ooze.

Before TSW I never experienced the ooze as intense before. It would seem to happen in my scalp sometimes, and on my face and ears if I had been drinking a lot of alcohol the night before. When I started to experience it during TSW it was for me the absolute worst symptom in the whole process. I would stick to my sheets at night and the awful smell that it produced would make me feel so sick. When my skin oozes, I tend to leave it be to do it’s thing, dry up on it’s own, crust and fall off. I’ve found that applying anything to it like coconut oil and turmeric (which is an effective remedy on dry skin and cuts) or even washing it just made it ooze more.

This is what defines as the ooze (this was from their Q & A section). 
Ooze/ Serous Exudate – A fluid the skin produces during Topical Steroid Withdrawal with a high content of protein and cellular debris which has escaped from blood vessels and has been deposited in tissues or on tissue surfaces, usually as a result of inflammation.  

Q: What is the liquid that oozes out of my body?

A: This liquid is called serous exudate. Most going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal just call it ooze. It is thought to be the “interstitial” fluid that is pushed out when blood vessels are dilated. It may cover your skin in a thin, sticky layer or you may see small blisters form and collect this fluid.

The first time I tried this remedy was when I came down to stay with my mother in Florida. She is all about using essential oils for all kinds of illnesses and suggested that I take it in a capsule form. I did  3 drops, diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a veggie cap and took them every 5 hours (you should only take up to 24 drops of EO’s a day). This remedy is powerful and shouldn’t be done more than 10-14 days (take a week off and if needed do another 10-14 days). I like to do this for 7 days on 7 days off if I need to, but it’s so powerful I never got up to 7 days. Within the next day I noticed the ooze drying up and by the second or third day it was totally done. I was pretty amazed at the progress! That was truly the last time I experienced terrible oozing and from then on whenever I’d flare it would be minor oozing and I’d do the oregano oil capsule and only really need to do it for a few days! Sometimes I would add frankincense essential oil for extra anti inflammatory properties. If I was also in pain with aching, tingling, never pain, etc I would add marjoram, lemongrass and frankincense essential oils. This remedy is known as the “morphine bomb” and is very effective at reliving the pain. I would even apply these oils to the soles of my feet when my the tops of my feet had that intense throbbing, aching, burning pain and within 10 minutes the pain subsides! I highly recommend taking oregano oil internally to combat the ooze symptoms of eczema, along with a healthy cleansing diet, hydrating a lot throughout the day (drinking half your weight in oz of water daily) and plenty of rest. You can also implement deep cleansing methods like fasting, enemas and colonics.

If you are interested in getting the veggie capsules and any of the oils that I mentioned, a diffuser and more, you can purchase them from my store site and help support my small family business! 🙂 DoTerra’s oils are highly regarded for it’s purity & quality as they are food grade (only take EO’s internally if they are food grade and have the “supplemental facts” info on the bottle and come from a trusted source) and they are never ever diluted with zero fillers or preservatives. Not all oils are created equal as some brands will dilute the oil and not use the first distilation process. DoTerra oils always use the first distilation process, meaning it’s of the highest grade and potency. Essential oils are concentrated plant based medicine, as it can take as many as 1000 pounds of the plant to produce just 1 pound of oil! You can see all of the awesome processing and sustainable sourcing of these fair trade oils here: SourceToYou To purchase you can click HERE (click on the “shop” tab) and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by commenting below or emailing me at! This company ships to many countries and has two warehouses in Europe as well, so if shipping is a concern don’t worry, you won’t have to wait weeks to receive it from the USA. Just reach out to me for more shipping questions. Also check out my natural antihistamine remedy blog post HERE. Click “continue reading” below for more info about the amazing properties and benefits of oregano oil…

Origanum vulgare

Botanical Family: Labiatae

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from herb

Common Primary Uses: Allergies, Asthma, Athlete’s Foot, Bacterial Infections, Bacterial
Pneumonia, Bronchitis (chronic), Calluses, Candida, Canker Sores, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Colds, Digestive Issues, Ebola Virus, Fungal Infections, Immune System (Stimulates), Inflammation, Intestinal Parasites, MRSA, Muscle Aches, Nasal Polyp, Parasites, Plague, Pneumonia, Ringworm, Shrinking Tumors (STUDY) , Staph Infection, Vaginal Candida, Viral Infections, Warming (Body), Warts, Whooping Cough

Common Application Methods:

  • Take internally in a veggie capsule 3 drops and take every 5 hours. You can also dilute the veggie cap with fractionated coconut oil. Best to do this remedy for 7 days on 7 days off. Oral Use As Dietary Supplement: Oregano oil is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for human consumption by the FDA (21CFR182.20).
  • Dilute one drop oil in 1 tsp. honey or in 4 oz. of beverage (i.e. soy/rice milk). Not for children under 6 years old; use with caution and in greater dilution for children 6 years old and over.
  • Dilute 1:3 (1 drop essential oil to at least 3 drops carrier oil) when used topically. Dilute more heavily for children over 6 or for those with sensitive skin. Apply directly on area of concern or to reflex points. *I would not recommend using this on broken, oozing, fragile skin. Taking it internally to combat bacterial/ooze issues is just enough.
  • Diffuse, or inhale the aroma directly.

Benefits of Oregano Oil

  • Antibacterial – Oregano oil is a great natural cold remedy and can help to prevent the flu. This oil acts very quickly at killing off bad bacteria, in fact there was a groundbreaking study that demonstrated that oil of oregano kills off E.Coli, one of those bad forms of bacteria that can cause food poisoning and cause you to get sick. The predominant healing compound, carvacrol, is arguably the most important component explaining why oil of oregano is so potent and effective at killing off bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses.
  • Anti-fungal – Oregano oil is effective in treating toenail fungus and candida overgrowth. You can use a carrier oil to dilute the oregano and apply to the toenail. You can take the oil internally in a veggie cap (4 drops, 4x daily) but only for up to 10 days, no longer, as it is still a powerful form of natural medicine.
  • Antioxidant – It’s one of the top 10 antioxidant herbs out there today. You can diffuse it in your home, use it with spring water as a natural mouth wash to combat bad breath and gingivitis.
  • Anti-parasitic
  • Antiseptic to the Respiratory System
  • Antiviral
  • Immune Stimulant

The benefits of oregano oil are proving to be a superior alternative to antibiotics which can give awful side effects. The many side effects are that they can cause antibiotic resistance, destroying good bacteria (probiotics) by altering the balance and pattern of the intestinal flora, reducing vitamin absorption and damaging the digestive lining causing leaky gut. Using antibiotics will result in a severe disturbance of the bowel’s ecology effecting lowering immune function, thus predisposing your body to greater infection, nutritional deficiencies and a wide range of symptoms.

The following is a great analogy on how antibiotics works on infection. Think of infection as wet mud. What happens when you take the antibiotics is that it dries up the mud but not get rid of it.  So, now you will feel better because the mud is dry but not gone. But anytime your body has the right amount of imbalance and moisture the mud will become wet again and you will be going through the whole infection process again, only the next time, the infection will be worse. Another analogy is that taking antibiotics is like the equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb on a city instead of sending in a special ops sniper team to take out the few enemy targets.

Sometimes drugs are necessary to save lives. But most times when you have chronic degenerative conditions like eczema, it is best to address such conditions with natural healing methods. In general, all drugs are toxic to the body and this is why they work. They create more of a dangerous situation in the body so the initial symptoms go away as the body attempts to take care of the new problems created by the drugs. Healing the body naturally by improving diet and taking whole food supplements will result in complete healing in 100% of the degenerative conditions cases. This is because with diet and supplements you are addressing the causes of your health challenge and you didn’t just mask the symptoms.


Jen recommended I get these oils to help with the itching. They work so well at stopping the itch (not to mention the other uses for them)! I was also experiencing a lot of oozing so she also recommended the oregano oil and it immediately began to work and stop the oozing. I’m so thankful to Jen for recommending good and quality oils They are helping me heal my body naturally! She has also recommended very good supplements and her support is truly amazing, she really cares and it shows! 🙂


Other natural anti-germ remedies that one can do…

  • Raw garlic (up to 3 cloves),
  • Ginger (juiced, added to smoothies or in tea)
  • Papaya seeds crushed (seeds from 1/2 of a papaya) ***I would do a spoonful and crush it in my mouth with my teeth…and hold my nose
  • Fresh pineapples (powerful because of the digestive enzymes in them)
  • Extra probiotics
  • Black cumin seeds (you can get from middle eastern grocers, crush it first, swallow with a spoonful of honey)
  • Red onions
  • Grape fruit extract

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