Coupons & Referral Links!

I have a few online retailers that I like to use when I’m shopping. Ebates is an online rebate site where you can get cash back for your purchases online! I just love receiving a check in the mail from the purchases that I’ve made. You can use this site and then click onto any health related shopping sites (such as Vitacost) to get purchases such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, beans, clean hygiene products etc 🙂 Cleopatra’s Choice is my fave online store to purchase my African Black Soap and Raw Shea butter from. They also have great discounts, speedy deliveries and high quality products. I like to purchase my essential oils from doTerra. These oils are awesome because they are plant based, no chemicals or preservatives or fillers and they aren’t diluted like some essential oils on the market today. I use them in my DIY lotions and creams, homemade toothpaste, homemade deodorant, oil pulling mix, I diffuse them, clean with them…there literally isn’t something you can’t use them for!


You can click HERE for the Ebates referral link

You can click HERE for the Cleopatra’s Choice referral link

You can click HERE for the doTerra referral link