Photos February 2015 onward





*This was taken from a blog post I did……

 feb 2015 feet collage

The antioxidant micro algae lotion that I mentioned above has been a game changer!  It goes on silky smooth and instantly locks in the moisture.  It doesn’t leave me itchy once I put it on like how coconut oil sometimes does… it’s actually very soothing and cooling.  It has even been minimizing the thickness on my feet, and I know that will take a while to smooth out.  This lotion is also known to help with the discolouration, so I’ll be looking forward to continually use it to help that along.  Here are just some of the healing ingredients in this lotion:  Organic Micro algae, organic aloe vera water, organic virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, Beta Glucan, neem oil, rosemary oil & lemon peel oil.  If you are interested in this lotion, and want to know more, just send me an email at !


MARCH 2015 

Finally feel like I’m turning a corner in April.  I’m able to get even more exercise in to where I’m working out with no pain and can even sweat with less and less burn and itchiness!  I’m even doing 20 min of rebounding in the morning and 20 min at night, along with some yoga thrown in there!  It feels so good to finally get back to working out and my body is greatly benefiting from it.  I’m still eating vegan, lots of fruits and veggies, staying hydrated etc.  I’m also still using the awesome micro algae antioxidant lotion which has been soooo helpful in my healing.  The biggest change is I’m finally getting some sun on my skin!  The weather has gotten warm enough for me to stay outside for about an hour and let my skin absorb some wonderful Vitamin D!  Looking forward to an awesome summer!

APRIL 2015

Started eating fully raw vegan (more info in a blog post) in May to help speed up healing. I also started doing enzymes therapy with digestive enzymes. Enzymes therapy is where you increase your intake of proteolytic enzymes to help out the lymphatic system, circulation, inflammation and healing. For some reason I didn’t think that it would create another healing crisis, I guess because my diet was so clean before, but when you increase your intake of raw foods, especially fruits, your body will start cleansing. I was feeling amazing for about the first week and a half, then I slowly started to feel symptoms of detox. I became super tired, my face broke out slightly…only a lil redness, and my legs and feet started to go through it once again…oozing, crusting and flaking cycle. You can check out the pics below.

MAY 2015

JUNE 2015

JULY 2015




There’s a more in depth look into how September was for me in this blog post. Can’t believe I’ve made it to the 3.5 year mark topical steroid free!




You can check out my October update with pictures in this blog post.


*Click above to see photos from these months.

MARCH 2016

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You can check out my Summer update with pictures in this blog post.


You can check out my January update with pictures in this blog post.

Five Years Five Months TS Free!

You can check out this blog post here

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