GoFundMe : “Help me reach eczema & TSW warriors”


Hey y’all!

I just started a campaign on GoFundMe to help support this blog and my future endeavors of helping eczema warriors. Starting this blog has been an awesome journey for me and I’ve become so passionate that I want to continue to be of service to others suffering. I truly feel that this is my purpose and I want to pursue this as a profession someday. My campaign will allow me to purchase a new computer…mine has currently konked out on me 😦 and a new camera. I have so many ideas, and I would love to start making videos as well as more documentation. I’m always in awe of the comments that I receive on this blog…it truly keeps me going and lets me know that being vulnerable and sharing my story can reach so many. Please check out the link below to my campaign and feel free to share with others!

With much gratitude,

Jen ❤

“Help me reach eczema & TSW warriors”

YouTube TSW video focusing on the children warriors!

Hey guys!

A parent from the TSW facebook group posted this video about spreading awareness of Topical Steroid Addiction/Withdrawal (Red Skin Syndrome).

In it you will find many parents speaking of thier childs story with progress photos as well. It always hurts my heart to see these babies suffering like this. This is such hell to deal with as an adult, I can’t imagine how these children must feel 😢. Thankfully the parents found the right info early on to quit the steroids and adopt a natural route. Please check out the video below and share it with anyone you know who might have a child with eczema who is using the creams, or contemplating using them. Or anyone with eczema who is using topical steroids. Also check out ITSAN for more info! 💜



3.5 Years Topical Steroid Free!

Wow, it’s pretty amazing to think how long I’ve been in the game of TSW (topical steriod withdrawal). Right now I’m typing this out on my phone (been having computer issues lately 😞) and I’m sitting in my moms apartment in Florida. Yup, I left Nyc temporarily to help my healing process along. This month as well as most of the summer has been really up & down for my skin. Of course I’m trying to take it all in stride and not be too upset when there are more down days than up.

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