Awesome Food Documentaries to Check Out!



I love checking out food documentaries and I’m always finding out something new with each one I check out.  It was Food Inc. that really started it all… I can honestly say my mind was BLOWN when I saw this film.  It completely opened my eyes to our food industry and showed me many things that I never knew about.  It’s so important to really pay attention with what we put into our bodies, and the practices that are being done to our foods.  We truly need to know where our food comes from, and the journey that it took to get onto our plates.  These four are currently streaming on Netflix, and there are many, many more out there just like them also streaming on Netflix and some you can probably check out on YouTube.

Food Matters also has great information on healthy living, tips and videos.  Their film Food Matters is also another good flick to check out!

Make sure to check out What the Health as well as Cowspiracy they are both by the same director and are incredibly powerful & informative.

Which food docs have you all watched and enjoyed?


***Update:  Just saw this link from this site for the 5 Films That Will Change the Way You Look at Food .  Definitely some good flicks in there worth checking out!

Check out this documentary on how 6 people lessened and some reversed their diabetes with whole foods!  Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Joel Osteen, ‘Blessed in the Dark Places’


I like to check out Joel Osteen’s sermons often to keep me inspired and encouraged.  Today, in the late morning hours as I was trying to fall back asleep, I decided to listen to one of his recent sermons.  Most days I sleep fairly well, but the itchiness on my feet was taking over, and it had been keeping me up for a while.  Time continued to pass and by this time it was 10 am and everyone else was awake, so of course the outside noises were also halting my sleep.

It always seems that whenever I check out one of his messages, it always hits home, and seems to fit perfectly for my life.  I’ve been going through topical steroid withdrawal for a while now, with breaks off and on, and as positive as I can be, weariness can set in from time to time.  I’ve accepted a long time ago that healing from eczema would take some time, and it gives me solace to hear sermons like this one… to make me feel that it will all be for my benefit in the end.  I know that my body has been transforming, and I’ve become healthier and healthier.  And I know that when I am in those “dark places” that there will be light, and that what I’m going through is only temporary and will ultimately make me a stronger, healthier person.

  • I especially love his metaphor of the seed… a seed being planted in the dirt (a dark uncomfortable place), then stretches itself and grows into a beautiful flower.  “You’re not buried you’re planted… Like that seed your potential is about to be released.  You’re not only going to come out, you’re going to come out baring much fruit.  Better, stronger, fully in blossom.”
  • “You’ve gotta go through the sickness to get to the fresh anointing, the new beginning.”
  • The blessing is in the breaking.
  • The brokenness is only temporary!
  • In the Bible, David said, “God enlarged me in my distress.”
  • The dark places are opportunities to grow.
  • “If you go through the dark places with the right attitude, you’ll see exclamation points coming your way.  The surpassing greatness of God’s favour” 

I hope that this sermon can give you inspiration to keep on pushing through, and to know that this struggle, or any struggle for that matter will turn you into a stronger person. 🙂