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This website is my go-to for ordering organic, fair trade African shea butter, cocoa butter and mango seed butter for my DIY creams. I love them because they are high quality and inexpensive. They have a referral program which allows you to earn points for free products in the future!

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LIVE Coaching Sessions

If you’re interested in getting some coaching support you can look into joining the Conqueror Eczema Academy. I have been a part of it as a guest coach with the main coach Abby of Prime Physique Nutrition and it’s been so wonderful and rewarding in helping eczema sufferers get their skin and overall health back on the right track! They always find it so beneficial to have a nice community of others (all over the world) going through the same thing to talk to and share experiences with, all while getting helpful information from Abby and me. If you also want personal coaching feel free to shoot me a personal email @ or to leave a message in the contact box below.

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Reviews on the Conqueror Eczema Academy Coaching Sessions: 

Djinty from The Netherlands
“It’s very good to be interactive and not be alone experiencing the issues by yourself. It’s great to be in a community setting like this. It also helps me to be consistent with my juicing, and hearing others powerful stories helps me to be consistent and keeps me accountable.”
Natalie from California USA
“I got to meet another member through this group and now I have a buddy in my area! She introduced me to her acupuncturist who I love and it got me open to trying acupuncture again. I think it’s so important to have a community and that accountability to tell yourself, “ok you’re going to do this because you know that it works!” I think part of why I was afraid to join this group was because I wasn’t ready to give up all of these things (like certain foods) but once I was ready for it it was really helpful to apart of this community.”
Kirbyfrom New Jersey USA
“I want to thank you, Abby and Jen for putting together this chat group. It’s a group that I wish I would’ve found early on when I was at my worst in my recovery process. I found it extremely helpful to be able to talk in a group and have some other people to listen and understand what you’re going though. This is one of those diseases that if you haven’t really gone through it then it’s hard to understand exactly how challenging it can really be.”
Cathy from Canada
“I’m really glad that I found this group. It’s always helpful to hear about things that people have tried that have helped them, because sometimes we can do things but don’t know if it’s helping. There can be so many different things to explore, so it’s great to hear from their experience and how it worked. All of that has really helped me. My skin has improved from where I started because I could barely sleep through the night. I’m not at 100% yet, but I’m glad for the support and I really value it.”
Cassie from California USA
“I just wanted to say that since this was my first call, I wasn’t really sure how it would go or what these calls are typically like but it has put me in such an amazing mood and hearing all of you speak about all of your experiences! It has made me so incredibly grateful to have found this group and I’m really in awe that all across the world we can all be going through such similar and intimate experiences and we can share and learn from one another. I was already feeling this way halfway through the call, and then I texted my sister (who also had eczema) and I told her “I’m on my first call, it’s so awesome!” and she texted back “I’m so jealous, where was that when I was going through it!?”

Tya from Ohio USA

“I am so happy that I made this investment. During the class, I was able to join a support network of other people who are dealing with eczema and other skin issues. The class is more than just education, even though the education I received on how to ‘treat’ my skin issues was superb. The class gave me hope that I could actually have my life back and clear skin. I’ve been encouraged to treat the whole person – mind, body & spirit. I’ve learned so much & I do believe it is helping me to be a healthier person. In addition, the coaches are awesome. They will answer your questions outside of the conference calls. This is better than any doctors visit I’ve ever been to. I know I’m on the road to clear skin. Thank you Jen & Abby for all your help!”

Francine from London, UK

“Being apart of this group has really changed my life. It’s been so encouraging and refreshing to talk to other people who are going through the same journey as me. We encourage each other and support each others journey. I’ve learnt so much about how to treat my skin, understanding more about what eczema is, how the detoxification works and knowledge on how to get better. It’s a holistic view from diet, to dealing with anxiety and lifestyle changes. Abby and Jen are there with you every step of the way, having a personal connection with you. The group chats are so great, they give you room to talk about you journey and give you advice on how to move forward and how to build a healing plan. It is a bit tough living in London as the calls are late at night, but its worth staying up!! This has been the best support I’ve had by far and I’ve had eczema for 33 years. Thank you Jen and Abby for supporting my healing, for not judging me but encouraging me every step of the way.”

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DoTerra Essential Oils

From browsing through my website you’ll be able to tell how much I love essential oils! Just type it into the search bar and you’ll see how many informative posts I’ve done on the topic. I love that they are all natural, and are a powerful plant-based medicine that is healthy for the body without side-effects. I use them for so many uses and I’m proud to be affiliated with this high quality, pure brand. DoTerra oils are never ever diluted (like many brands on the market today), have zero preservatives, dyes and fillers, are fair trade and are a trusted company that you can be proud of ordering from. They have multiple warehouses over the globe so most countries will be able to get the product shipped to them. If you have more questions on any of the oils, or which ones I specifically recommend for eczema, please feel free to send me an email in the contact box below! Also make sure to check out their site: for tons of info all about the sustainable sourcing practices. I just love to see the videos with the actual farmers and the lush environments where they source these special oils from as well as all that goes into just making one bottle.

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Jen recommended I get these oils to help with the itching. They work so well at stopping the itch (not to mention the other uses for them)! I was also experiencing a lot of oozing so she also recommended the oregano oil and it immediately began to work and stop the oozing. I’m so thankful to Jen for recommending good and quality oils They are helping me heal my body naturally! She has also recommended very good supplements and her support is truly amazing, she really cares and it shows! 🙂



Omega Juicers

I’ve been loving my new Omega vsj843r Low-Speed Juicer! The consistency of juice is perfect and so smooth and the clean up is super easy! It’s important to get a low-speed juicer as it ensures that the juice doesn’t oxidize and heat up where vital enzymes and nutrients can be lost. Juicing has been such a huge tool in my healing process as it’s super important to get lots of hydration from the alkaline goodness that are in plants! Juicing allows healing from the inside out because you’re getting a great dose of dense nutrients to help hydrate the old waste in the body, cleanse and heal! I notice when I juice more consistently and get a good quantity in daily, my skin feels much softer and hydrated. I love to do celery juice first thing in the morning, then move on to a fruit juice like my current fave, organic Fuji apple, and lime!

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Prime My Body Products

Adequate sleep is so crucial to healing the body. When I can’t sleep my skin feels drier, uncomfortable, I’m irritated & have brain fog, feeling delirious. Taking a broad spectrum CBD hemp oil has helped me so much, & I’ve been using this particular organically sourced brand for over a year now. I became affiliated with them because of their high quality & unique products that actually work! Before I started taking CBD I was truly on the verge of a panic attack, super stressed & anxious, having crying breakdowns multiple times a week from overwhelm. Within a week of taking it, I noticed I hadn’t had a break down that week! I WISH I knew about this in the early stages of my horrific eczema healing / topical steroid withdrawal process. It helps reduce inflammation, & has even improved my allergies, & menstrual cycles. The CALM formulation has given me deeper, uninterrupted sleep, & if I need extra support in the day, it helps to ease any anxiousness & discomfort.

CBD is the ultimate adaptogen (a type of plant that increases the body’s ability to counter & resist emotional, physical, etc stressors allowing it to “adapt” to stressful circumstances) & is so beneficial for those going through topical steroid withdrawal as it’s common to have adrenal fatigue & unbalanced hormones as a side effect from years of steroid use. CBD helps to rebuild your natural endo-cannabinoid supply, and balances out the endocrine, nervous & immune system allowing the body to get out of that high stress “fight or flight” state (sympathetic nervous system) to the “rest, repair, renew” state (parasympathetic nervous system) where healing can finally take place. It’s a lot harder to heal when the body is in a stressful state. PMB’s oil doesn’t suppress anything in the body, as it actually helps to improve the body’s own internal communication network. A little goes a long way, because of its liposomal sonicated nano technology – meaning it has super small molecules, is higher to absorb (95%, other oils are 6-10%) & faster to get directly into the bloodstream (in seconds), bypassing the GI tract. You don’t need multiple doses to get the desired effect – I take .75 – 1ml at night & .25ml in the day if I need extra support. Prime My Body’s oil is made with the highest quality hemp strains grown to the strictest organic standards using a whole-plant extraction process that yields the synergistic cannabinoids, terpenoids and other natural compounds needed for a broad spectrum effect. PMB hemp oil delivers all of its benefits without the psychoactive or “high” effect of THC. It’s safe to be consumed daily with a simple dropper full under the tongue. Customers have relieved chronic discomfort, feelings of fear/sadness/anxiety, chronic fatigue and more using this hemp oil! Feel free to email me at for more info on the Prime My Body products

***If you are a non-US resident, please send me a message so I can give you info on how to order.

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12 Benefits of CBD Based Hemp Oil (click the link for the scientific journal):
Make sure to check out all of the awesome products that The Eczema Company has to offer! I personally love their Remedywear (Tencel + Zinc) pants and long sleeve shirt set. They are super soft, cooling, breathable and help to prevent you from scratching your skin at night. I love to wear them to sleep, but you can also wear them under your clothing outside. The material is soothing to the skin and very healing as it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties to it!

My Personal Testimony:

“I typically don’t wear full-on clothing when I sleep at night because I find it so restricting, so I’ll usually just sleep in a t-shirt and undies as this makes me the most comfortable. I do have a habit of scratching certain areas like my lower arms and lower legs and feet at night, and it has become this habit type comforting scratch cycle that I’ve been needing to break out of. These are the only areas left in my healing process that are slightly flaky, dry and bumpy still. I was slightly skeptical about trying out the Remedywear line because I felt I still might feel uncomfortable and hot with all of that clothing on, but I was still hopeful. When I tried on the set, I noticed how cool to the touch it was and how super soft it felt on my skin! Because it’s so lightweight and breathable, I didn’t sweat or feel hot at all! It has definitely prevented me from scratching just because it feels so soft and nice on my skin and I don’t want to scratch my skin because mentally, I know the fabric is helping me restore my skin because of the zinc and antimicrobial properties in it. I only really wear this set to bed, as it’s too hot where I live (Florida) to wear under clothing, but if I lived in a colder climate and if my skin was flaring badly I would try wearing it out under my clothes. I highly suggest trying out this set if you have a tendency to scratch at night and need some relief in your skin.”

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What makes the Remedywear line so special and unique? 
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In a clinical study, our ratio of TENCEL and Smartcel™ Sensitive was proven to reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis, reduce itchiness and improve quality of sleep when worn overnight for three consecutive nights. SOURCE


I will only partner with companies that I truly believe in, that are of natural pure ingredients, have sustainable practices and that give back. The supplements that I use and sell have no preservatives and random chemicals that will only toxify the body even more. The supplements I use are nutrient dense and will only help to detoxify and rebuild the body. You can see tons more info on the products I recommend on this page: Healing Whole Food Supplements. If you’re interested in more info on which specific supplements I recommend for eczema (or just about the products in general for any health issue), please feel free to send me an email in the contact box below! I will email you a supplement schedule as well. If you are a non-US resident, please send me a message so I can give you info on how to order.

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*Disclaimer: The affiliate companies that I have partnered with allow me to have a steady income (with the commissions I receive) which allows me to further the work I do with eczema sufferers and make a living. By purchasing from me with my personal store links, you are supporting my small business and helping me to reach more people across the globe to help them heal from the inside out. You are also getting some of the highest quality of products on the market today to help you achieve great health. I greatly appreciate your support.