Cleopatra’s Choice

This website is my go-to for ordering organic, fair trade African shea butter, cocoa butter and mango seed butter for my DIY creams. I love them because they are high quality and inexpensive. They have a referral program which allows you to earn points for free products in the future!

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LIVE Coaching Sessions

If you’re interested in getting some coaching support you can look into joining the Conqueror Eczema Academy. I have been apart of it as a guest coach with the main coach Abby of Prime Physique Nutrition and it’s been so wonderful and rewarding in helping eczema sufferers get their skin and overall health back on the right track! They always find it so beneficial to have a nice community of others (all over the world) going through the same thing to talk to and share experiences with, all while getting helpful information from Abby and me. If you also want personal coaching feel free to shoot me a personal email @ or to leave a message in the contact box below.

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DoTerra Essential Oils

From browsing through my website you’ll be able to tell how much I love essential oils! Just type it into the search bar and you’ll see how many informative posts I’ve done on the topic. I love that they are all natural, and are a powerful plant-based medicine that is healthy for the body without side-effects. I use them for so many uses and I’m proud to be affiliated with this high quality, pure brand. DoTerra oils are never ever diluted (like many brands on the market today), have zero preservatives, dyes and fillers, are fair trade and are a trusted company that you can be proud of ordering from. They have multiple warehouses over the globe so most countries will be able to get the product shipped to them. If you have more questions on any of the oils, or which ones I specifically recommend for eczema, please feel free to send me an email in the contact box below! Also make sure to check out their site: for tons of info all about the sustainable sourcing practices. I just love to see the videos with the actual farmers and the lush environments where they source these special oils from as well as all that goes into just making one bottle.

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I will only partner with companies that I truly believe in, that are of natural pure ingredients, have sustainable practices and that give back. The supplements that I use and sell have no preservatives and random chemicals that will only toxify the body even more. The supplements I use are nutrient dense and will only help to detoxify and rebuild the body. You can see tons more info on the products I recommend on this page: Healing Whole Food Supplements. If you’re interested in more info on which specific supplements I recommend for eczema (or just about the products in general for any health issue), please feel free to send me an email in the contact box below! I will email you a supplement schedule as well. If you are a non-US resident, please send me a message so I can give you info on how to order.

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*Disclaimer: The affiliate companies that I have partnered with allow me to have a steady income (with the commissions I receive) which allows me to further the work I do with eczema sufferers and make a living. By purchasing from me with my personal store links, you are supporting my small business and helping me to reach more people across the globe to help them heal from the inside out. You are also getting some of the highest quality of products on the market today to help you achieve great health. I greatly appreciate your support.