Collard Burritos with Purple Cauliflower Rice

Nice Cream

Blood Orange Banana Nice Cream

Papaya Boat with Banana Mango Nice Cream


Smoothies & Juices

Banana Almond Coconut Shake

Celery Juice

Hemp Milk

Orange x Beet X Turmeric X Ginger Juice

Persimmon Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Superfood Smoothie

Sweet Beet Smoothie

Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

Watermelon Juice


Oatmeal Banana Cookies

Raw Apple Pie

Spreads, Pastes Butters & Sauces

Chunky Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Turmeric Paste

6 thoughts on “Recipes!

  1. I am very grateful for your advice. I have been vegan for 45 years and have increased my raw food recently. Excema comes and goes. Right now it is very very bad and keeps me awake from the awful itching. I am afraid I cratch my legs and feet till they bleed and they look terrible. One sore got infected and is a big red mark. I do feel embarrassed but cannot hide it as wearing socks and shoes make it worse. I put my feet in a basin of cold water to get relief and have one beside the bed. Sticking my feet out of the blanket is necessary but not always comfortable. I am desperate toget a good night sleep but am reluctant to even go to bed as I can’t sleep because of the terrible itching. I just cannot stop myself scratching, but the pain from the sores seems more bearable thanthe itch. I was just going to my GP just to get relief and take whatever he recommended even though I normally only use natural methods. I stopped myself when I discovered your site. I do eat vegan convenience foods like sausage rolls, schnitzels, sausages, etc. And eat quite a lot of fruit mostly organic. I have increased my berry consumption nd decreased my citrus foods. I take supplements like probiotics and digestive enzymes and astaxanthin. I have a rebounder, do aquarobics, oil pulling and still I am so badly affected.!
    What am I doing wrong. I have lso greatly reduced my stress levels after my divorce and on ly work part time in a lovely environment. I have everything going for me except this excema and it is affecting me greatly.

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for your comment and checking out my site!
      Wow vegan for 45 years that’s amazing!! I’m sorry you’re suffering but I can already tell it’s too much processed vegan foods. Gotta keep it whole food high carb low fat vegan with as minimal process foods as possible. I will email you a health questionnaire and I can get to know you better and assist you in healing. Also check out My Natural Anti-Histamine Remedy blog post (just type it in the search), that will greatly help the itch for you! I look forward to reading your detailed responses!
      Take care & God bless!

  2. HI Jen, My name is Caroline and I am experiencing a huge flare up. Torso, neck, arms (look like sausages), right hand (swollen with thick yellow crust), some parts of the face and lower back. I had taken many antibiotics in the past along with chemo for breast cancer and cortisone steroids so I am encouraged these drugs are finally leaving my body but what a healing itchy journey. My family wants me on steroids but I am pushing back. Was wondering if you ever found any relief from water enemas or colonics? I did find something on the web about their benefit for eczema.
    Many Thanks, Caroline

    1. ️️Hi Caroline! Wow you’ve been through a lot! You’re a Cancer conqueror just like me 😄 So glad you’re taking steps to natural healing although it’s a rough journey for sure, but it is true healing and your body is thanking you for it! I do recommend water enemas! I haven’t actually done a colonic but for sure they are helpful. It’s all about healing from the inside out. If you’re interested I do coaching with eczema sufferers and I will email you a health questionnaire which you can fill out in detail if you’d like some support on your personal situation, info, tips etc. I only accept a donation of any amount, whatever is in your heart to give for my services to my PayPal account (more info on this later). If this sounds like something you’d like feel free to fill out the questionnaire I’ll send! You WILL get through this, it can take time but remember the body makes no mistakes and is amazing at self-healing. We just gotta give it the right tools to do so.
      Take care & God bless,

  3. Hi Jen

    I have just listened to you on a, you have been on such an amazing journey! I wonder if you can help me at all..I am a 45 year old male and have only had eczema for about 8 months. Reading between the lines on info you and others talk about I wold say it has been brought on by stress. I feel however that I am dealing with that quite well and have tried all kinds of creams and lotions, including steroid and cortisone creams, but nothing seems to help. The worst is the itching and I find I am unable to avoid scratching…My diet is not bad but maybe you would say different! Maybe I could fill in your questionnaire?

    Thanks for your fantastic site.
    Regards, Paul.

    1. Hi Paul! Thanks for reaching out and for your kind words! That’s awesome you saw my story on Abby’s podcast 😊 Yes, I’d be happy to email you a questionnaire and get you the support you need. Stress can be a catalyst for sure, you’re on the right track by seeking out the right info, I commend you on being so proactive in searching for your healing. Check out my post on my fave natural antihistamine to help with the itch, my store link to purchase the capsules is the capsules are called TriEase and here is the post with my customer reviews:
      I look forward to your answers and I’ll get back to you with my responses as soon as I can! You WILL get through this, I definitely know how awful this is and can totally relate. Just remember you’re stronger than you know, and the body is amazing at healing 💛

      Take care & God bless,

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