Just BELIEVE it eczema warriors! “This too shall pass”! Your mourning will turn into joy! God will give you “beauty for your ashes”! This pain and suffering WON’T last forever! 

Stay strong & never give up! Healing does happen, and I can’t wait to read your stories of how much better your health is and how you are taking advantage of life because of all the struggles you went through during your healing process!


Want a $10 off Vitacost coupon!?!

Hey guys!

I would like to share with you all a $10 off coupon from one of my favourite online health food retail stores, Vitacost! They have an amazing selection of products and great discounted prices! I don’t purchase my supplements here (since I sell my own) except for organic primrose oil, and borage oil. I like to get my oils from here like flax, hemp and coconut oil as well as a variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, gluten free products and so much more. So enjoy this coupon and let me know what goodies you’ve purchased! 🙂

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TSW warrior Briana featured on “The Doctors”!

The word is getting out about the dangers of topical steroids! Unfortunately this show is notorious for editing important info and not really giving the guests enough time to speak, but either way, this fellow TSW warrior Briana’s story was put out on national television for all to see! It’s a horrific withdrawal process, that can easily be avoided by dermatologists not prescribing these poisonous creams in the first place & getting to the root cause of the eczema. I hope this segment will resonate with the viewers, they’ll do their research and take the steps to getting their health back like I and countless warriors have done! For more info on topical steroid withdrawal, check out

Click the link: Briana’s segment on the doctors

Here’s her statement on the segment…

“I am incredibly thankful to everyone who reached out and gave me strength through this process. This was the scariest, most vulnerable thing I’ve done in my life. It isn’t easy seeing yourself on TV with a *viewer discretion advised* sign because of how badly I have been affected by my health condition. I wanted to help a suffering cause that I am a part of when I was offered a chance to speak out about my personal battle on national television. I am very thankful to The Doctors and their producers for giving me this chance. I did my best to represent the TSW community. Was part of it edited for their purposes? Of course. Is MRSA the cause of my pain? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I will be making my own video statement about this segment soon and what I hope others have taken from it. Topical Steroid Withdrawal will be a growing issue if the medical community doesn’t start calling it like it is and taking responsibility for the consequences that come with over prescribing medication to patients. I am hoping to be called back to the show once I am fully healed to truly drive home how important it is to ask questions, do your research, be prepared in a doctor’s office, and how you CAN recover from this without the use of more steroids. Topical Steroid Withdrawal is something that can be completely avoided, as well as many other iatrogenic conditions.

I am but one voice that was trying to speak out for us sufferers. All we can do is keep trying to spread awareness regardless of how people wish to spin our pain.”

Here’s Briana’s response video…

October 2015 Update

October was thankfully a pretty great month for me! It had been a full month since I had been in Florida and my body had finally acclimated to my new environment. It took me a minute for my body to calm down from the stress that I was experiencing from the month before. Upon coming to Florida from New York, I was packing, getting my things together trying to not stress out on the day to day chores and such and my skin was already in a state, so of course it just started to get worse. When I got to Florida on the first of September, I was going through crazy insomnia, on and off oozing, chills and feverish symptoms. It wasn’t until the end of September that I started to feel a lot better. My sleep slowly started to improve, the skin that I was shedding (MASSIVE amounts at that) was becoming less and less and my oozing was calming down. I was experiencing oozing on my legs so badly that I was sticking to my sheets 😦

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GoFundMe: Hit $1,000!!!


Hey Guys!

Great news….I reached over $1,000 on my fundraiser last week! I’m so thankful for the love and support from everyone who has donated and shared my campaign! I just need a bit more help to fully reach my goal and any donations would be awesome! I have so many ideas for this site and how to further this passion of mine of helping other eczema sufferers. Please check out the link below for more info on the fundraiser 🙂

GoFundMe: Help Me Reach Eczema & TSW Warriors

Take Care Warriors! Stay Strong!


*p.s. if anyone needs support, tips and advice on naturally healing, feel free to email me at for “health coaching” support! ❤