October 2015 Update

October was thankfully a pretty great month for me! It had been a full month since I had been in Florida and my body had finally acclimated to my new environment. It took me a minute for my body to calm down from the stress that I was experiencing from the month before. Upon coming to Florida from New York, I was packing, getting my things together trying to not stress out on the day to day chores and such and my skin was already in a state, so of course it just started to get worse. When I got to Florida on the first of September, I was going through crazy insomnia, on and off oozing, chills and feverish symptoms. It wasn’t until the end of September that I started to feel a lot better. My sleep slowly started to improve, the skin that I was shedding (MASSIVE amounts at that) was becoming less and less and my oozing was calming down. I was experiencing oozing on my legs so badly that I was sticking to my sheets 😦

The game changer at the end of September was when I introduced essential oil of oregano into my night time routine. As you have read from my DIY lotion post, I’ve really been getting into essential oils because of its awesome healing benefits. I’m a lover of plant based foods and medicine and this stuff is right up my alley. So I started to take a veg cap of 6 drops of oregano oil and 6 drops of frankincense last thing at night with water. Essential oil of oregano is a natural antibiotic, so it has anti-fungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral properties. Oregano oil is also a powerful pain killer and takes down inflammation in the body. Frankincense essential oil is amazing too and it helps wounds heal faster, reduces inflammation, is an antiseptic, boosts the immune system, also relives pain and helps relieve INSOMNIA!!!! yay! 🙂

When I woke up in the morning of the first night of taking this awesome veg cap, my legs weren’t oozing at all! It’s pretty amazing because the awful on and off oozing that I was experiencing pretty much for the whole month of September (and most of the summer) was non existent! I haven’t experienced oozing at all since! Now oil of oregano is super powerful and shouldn’t be taken daily. When going through a lot of oozing, and infection (you can take this when sick or as prevention as well to stave off infection and illness) you want to only take this veg cap no more than 7 days straight.

You can purchase the type of essential oils that I use here (just click the “shop” tab) and if you have any questions on them feel free to send me an email at eczema.holistic.healing@gmail.com

Check out this video on how powerful essential oil of oregano is versus a medical antibiotic (Amoxicillin)…funny enough it’s the same brand that I use!

My sleep had improved so much that I was going straight to sleep most nights, and only getting up maybe twice in the middle of the night…and when I would get up (for water or to use the restroom) I would fall straight back to sleep! Sounds trivial, but honestly this was wonderful and well needed! I hadn’t experienced such sleep in MONTHS….I’m talking the whole summer feeling like a zombie most days or catching up on sleep during the day or finally falling asleep when the sun would come up…NO BUENO!

I had mentioned that I was shedding skin like a snake, and I do feel that this was in part to the DIY lotion that I made. It was helping to relieve the dead skin and restore it in the process. All that diseased skin had to go somewhere and as gross as it is it was well needed!

I was finally able to really get out and about, nothing serious, just trips to the grocery store and sitting outside by the pool to get some much needed sunshine on my skin (when my skin is terribly oozy I like to avoid sunbathing just because it tends to cause more irritation for me).

My diet was still the same, a little wild caught salmon here and there and grass fed beef collagen. At the moment I’m going back to a more vegan diet with the only exception being the collagen here and there.

I also tried out using bentonite clay on my face to help wound healing and the dry skin flakes. I felt that it was pretty helpful…only tried it once and I will try it out more consistently and do a post on it soon. The clay experiment wasn’t terrible…I mixed it with water (you can use aloe vera water as well) and I let it sit for about 10 minutes. It’s a great idea to keep the clay on your face wet so that when you wash it off its not ripping skin off with it, but gently rinsing the dead skin and debris. You can keep your face hydrated by spritzing your face with water or aloe vera water. I found that my face started tingling and slightly burning a bit so I didn’t do a full 20-30 minutes like most people do. As I mentioned I will try it out again in the future since bentonite clay has so many awesome healing benefits as it pulls out toxicity from the body and helps restore the skin. Make sure to NOT use a metal spoon or bowl when mixing the clay, it will negate the electric charge that is in the clay which is what pulls out the toxins from the body 😉

I didn’t take much skin pics this month, but I’ll share what I have…

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