My first post!!!

So this is my very first post!  I was trying to wait and post once all of my pages were complete, but I felt compelled to put this up.  I’m right now 2 years and 5 months into my topical steroid withdrawal process and it’s been a rough journey.  Quite a lot of ups and downs, and I guess a part of me feeling so adamant about posting now is because of how I’ve been feeling.  Throughout this whole process, my body has been pretty consistent with how it wants to heal.  At the very beginning, back in March 2012, once I got off the steroids the withdrawal process started somewhat slowly….then became full blown by June.  Since then, my body likes to heal like this: go bizerk during the summer months, finally taper off early fall, then be tolerable to where I can actually function (be fully clothed comfortably, go out and about) in the winter, slowly start showing withdrawal symptoms again in the spring….then go crazy again come summertime. So this year, right on schedule it started to become its worst towards the end of May.  This year most definitely wasn’t as bad as last year…I can already see signs of it tapering off, but I still have moments of discomfort, oozing, crusting, aching pain, fatigue and emotional ups and downs.  This particularly sucks because I made a leap and moved back to New York (I was living in North Carolina with family) on my own at the end of Aug 2013.  Even then it was extra difficult because I was in the middle of another “summertime healing crisis”.  Once I got here I literally was stuck in the apartment until October!  Yea, no joke.  Like….I didn’t leave my apartment until October!  Thank God I live in a city where everything can come to you.  I had my laundry picked up and dropped off, and I had my groceries delivered to me!  Once I was “back on my feet” (literally, because the worst of my healing was on my legs and feet) I was able to get out and about, even hold down a job.  I was enjoying this wonderful city that I’ve missed for so long.  So it’s been a bit of a disappointment to be back in this state, but I know that it’s just a part of the process.  My body has absorbed soooooo many toxins, and I know the time that it’s going to take to be rid of them completely.  On the upside, this healing process seems to have taken less time then last year, and its not as intense.  On the good days where my feet aren’t so swollen and are not oozing lymph fluid, I can actually put on socks and sneakers for a short time and go to the grocery store, or go on short outings.  Last year I was way too weak to really do any of that. Although I’m feeling a bit frustrated right now, not being able to work (I had to take a leave of absence once it flared up really badly at the end of May), not being able to enjoy the beach and other summertime activities, I still give thanks everyday, and stay as positive as I can.  I know that “this too shall pass” and I gotta go through this hurdle, no matter how long it may take to come out clean and healthy on the other side.  So to anyone who may read this post and check out my site, I just want to let you know that I feel you, I know your pain and your frustrations.  I know what it feels like to fall into the depths of depression, thinking that this agony will never end, but you gotta pull yourself out of it and know that IT WILL END.  Everything ends sooner or later, and you will be a stronger, wiser and a forever changed human being because of this battle that you’ve won!  I foresee victory in my future as well as yours! ❤ Stay Strong Eczema Warriors!!