Physical Symptoms & Signs of Healing from Eczema

•       Old eczema wounds, cuts, and infected lesions will heal first.  So if the eczema starts on your ankle and spreads to your toes, then the skin on the ankle will heal first.

•       The wetness from the skin excretion, which is lymph fluids, decreases and then stops completely before the skin starts to heal.  The skin in the final stages of healing will be much dryer and much more itchy. However, when you scratch, the skin will not feel damp or ooze lymph fluids any more.  You can actually scratch very hard and the skin will not break.  You will still shed some skin but not as much.

•       The new skin will be soft, pink in color, and thin looking but so much tougher than before so in case you scratch, the skin won’t break. There is discolouration in the skin, but that will normalize in time.

•       The new skin may have white flaky stuff on it that looks like fungus but that soon will disappear.  If you scratch, the white flaky layer of skin will fall off looking like stirred snow flakes.

•       You’ll start having less itching at night and can sleep normal again.

•       When you touch the skin that has eczema, it no longer feels hot.  When you have full blown eczema and you touch your skin, you can feel so much heat under the skin.  But as you are healing, the skin temperature where the eczema is will feel normal like the other parts of your skin.

•       You will be able to shower and water won’t hurt or sting your skin any longer.

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  1. Need help some part of my skin which was affected by eczema , burns very bad . why does that happen ?

    1. The burning is such an awful symptom…it’s basically inflammation in the skin. It’s just trying to heal so the deep itch, tingling and burning feelings are all feelings of healing with the nerves kinda “re-firing” and “re-working” again. Check out and the q & a section for more info. You can shoot me an email at for more natural tips, info and remedies!
      Take care 💜

      1. So the burning is not a bad symptom , is it ? .. It burns when I stand and it even burns and sting when I take a shower , is it OK to put hot or cold water on the affected area , I got eczema where my leg got burned with hot cooking oil and it’s still haven’t heal completely , I just got skin to the affected burned area and after few days got eczema … so is it healing ??

      2. Putting an ice pack can help, eating cooling foods and anti inflammatory foods will help as well. Stay well hydrated and eat lots of fruits. Lavender essential oil helps burns…I got burned a few days ago on my finger with a hot pot handle and using the lavender took the burn down & it didn’t blister. Here’s where I get my EO’s from: . Give it some time to heal, it will in time. Make sure you’re getting movement in everyday to get good circulation going on to help healing.

      3. Hi Jen! This information has helped me so much! I experienced a severe outbreak of eczema all over my body within 2 weeks due to mold/mildew in my apartment at college. I have dealt with eczema in the past but never to this extent and severity (usually just between my arms behind the elbow) I tried various natural remedies to no avail during those 2 weeks and finally had to go home for the weekend to see a doctor who prescribed me prednisone and topical betamethasone. I know that eczema comes from the inside out but I’m a healthy, active person (workout regularly/eat clean) and the severe flare up I experienced was totally unexpected and definitely due to the environment I was living in, as I was perfectly okay before I left for college. Not gonna lie, I am afraid of experiencing a flare up once I’m off these two treatments. The eczema on my arms have slowly been flaking off and last night I woke up to fresh new skin as the skin on my arms completely flaked off. I know this is a good sign but the skin does feel a little dry. What steps do you recommend I take once I’m off the treatments prescribed by my doctor in order to decrease my chances of experiencing another flare up? I am already moving out of the apartment so that is one huge step. Also, what can I put on this fresh layer of skin? I’ve been applying vaseline occasionally over my topical treatment when it feels dry but I’m not sure what to apply on this fresh layer of skin. I have to continue with the topical treatment till next Saturday and will be onto my 3rd day of the prednisone i was prescribed for 5 days. Any help and tips would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!!❤

      4. Hello Ariana! Thanks for checking out my site and reaching out to me, I’m so glad the info I’ve provided has resonated with you! I’m glad you were able to pinpoint the flare up to the mold in your apartment and I’m glad that you’ve made steps to move out of there. You will indeed have to get off of the medication and I hope that you won’t have a terrible withdrawal from it, but beware that it is possible to feel detox symptoms when getting off of it. I can for sure help you, and will be emailing you a health questionnaire where I can get to know you better and assist with your situation. I would avoid vaseline as it is a petrochemical and not made of natural ingredients. You want to always stick to the rule of thumb that if you can essentially eat it then you can apply it to the skin. Look at my page: Suggested Moisturizers and Soaps, you will benefit for sure with the organic micro algae lotion that I recommend on that page (you will also see testimonials of it too!) I look forward to reading your detailed answers in the questionnaire and I will get back to you with my responses as soon as I can! You WILL get through this, it can take some time, but the body knows exactly what it needs to do to heal!

        Take care and God bless,

      5. Greetings, I don’t know if today is my lucky day or what, but miraculously some test of fate led me to this email. However cutting straight to the point, I have serious eczema and a lot of flaky skin that lowers my self esteem so much , I’m trying to change my diet and avoid the “triggers” and I’ve been doing that since the past few days, also I’ve been drinking a lot of water but as we speak I’m seeing a tremendous breakout, I’m not sure if my body is reacting to the new eating practice or what. Please help me out


      6. Hello, my son is doing a strict detoxing along with supplements to heal his gut, I am not sure if it’s normal for him to shed so much dead skin ! It’s everywhere. Also , his skin got a lot worse and spread to other areas when he began the detox protocol . Is this ok? We are freaking out . He is in pain from the dryness! Help!!!

      7. Hi Yvette, I’m so sorry to hear about what your son is going through, I know how frustrating it can be for sure. The shedding skin is definitely normal, the body has to shed the old so new skin can come through. You wanna make sure he’s well hydrated from the inside out, lots of fresh fruit…fruit is more hydrating to the body on a deeper cellular level, water and fresh coconut water. You can ease up his skin from the dryness with raw organic coconut oil or check out the other moisturizers I suggest on my page Suggested Moisturizers and Soaps. The body will go through many symptoms when detoxing and trying to heal. I can give lots more tips and advice if you need support. I will send you a health questionnaire to fill out in detail and I’ll get back to you with my responses as soon as I can.

        Take care & God bless,

      8. Thank you for your quick answer. We started 10 week detox to heal his leaky gut and dr said to limit fruits for Now. He is been so depressed and hasn’t gotten better which is discouraging as he quit eating all his favorite foods . He can’t have gluten dairy nor starches or sugar while on this protocol. I am just scared because we noticed a liquid coming out of his lymph nodes not sure if this normal or is an infection. When will he began to heal? It’s been 5 weeks and he got worse than when we started. Thank you in advance for your help.

      9. Fruit is not the enemy. Fruit is the BEST food to be on to cleanse the gut, heal from the inside out and heal the skin. High fat and high protein diets are too acidic and inflammatory. He’s depressed because he’s not getting those vital nutrients from the fruits, they enhance the mood, give the body energy and give the brain feel good hormones. Carbs are what we live and thrive on. Clear liquid is stagnant lymph fluid, metabolic toxic waste in the body that needs to get out. Plant based foods will do this, high fat and high protein foods just cause more acidic build up. Please fill out the questionnaire so I can advise more and help your son onto the road to healing.

      10. Also I just wanna send you some positive healing vibes. I know how rough this is, but you’re doing all the right steps to help him heal. Keep believing in his healing, keep believing in the body’s amazing natural capability to self-heal. 💜

  2. Hi, great sharing! So precise!
    I’m glad coming across this article as I’m also in the stage before recovering, which my son recovered from eczema told me his experience. I just wanted to find out more about the process.
    U really helped me ease my mind that I’m now in the stage of healing.
    Thanks a zillion.

      1. The itch is a symptom of the toxins needing to come out, it can definitely become intense and as he heals more it will subside.

  3. Hi, I’m under Homeopathy treatment. Have u heard about it?
    I witnessed my son recovered from it that’s why I go for this treatment. It’s easier for us, we just take the doctor’s medicine, and normal diet, just eating as usual just avoid prawns which we are allergic to.
    The doctor told us to avoid brinja and chocolates.
    If we were to go for TCM (Chinese Medication), we have to almost stop eating a lot of things.
    I’m from Singapore. In here, we only have a few qualified Homeopathy doctors. I believed it must be kinda expensive. Why I’m not really sure the price, it’s because my doctor is a kind soul, he’s helping people out, not charging any consultation fees, just pay for the medicine, as one bottle is $13 to $15, which can last for one week or so. To us, it’s cheapest comparing to any other kind of doctors.
    When we see a GP, or going to skin specialist or Chinese doctors, it would cost up to at least $100 plus near to $200 each visit.
    Some people are saying this kind of treatment is placebo. But my son’s case is evidence.
    He can sweat, have fun like normal Person now. He’s looking handsome again.

    1. Hi Jaslyn,
      I wonder what are in the medicines that the Homeopathic doctor is prescribing. I’m very careful of all meds after having such a terrible experience with topical steroids. I believe the body truly doesn’t need anything to repair itself, but food (rest, exercise), and if need be some simple supplements and 100% pure essential oils to aid it in healing. I’m glad that he doesn’t charge you any consultation fees, that’s very kind of him, but I would look into the exact ingredients of the medications. I would be scared to know if there were steroids mixed into the meds somehow or some kind of chemical ingredients in them. It’s always best to go as natural as possible, and “let food be thy medicine”.

    2. I did complete the questionnaire but for some reason I could not send . Can you please send again ?

  4. Hi Hi

    Thanks so much for your blog. It helps me. I am going through the healing crisis now and my eczema is drying out and turning brown. Last night, my itch lasted the whole night through. When I scratch it, it doesn’t ooze or anything. Is that a sign of healing? My face is impacted my eczema as well. When I wake up in the morning, I noticed peeling / flaking of skin on certain parts of my face. Is that a good sign?

    1. Hi Cherylene! Thanks for reaching out to me! I’m sorry you’re going through this but the symptoms you’ve mentioned are all great signs of healing progress! Dry brush your skin with a dry Tampico fiber brush, this will help simulate the lymph system and slough off the dead skin. You must brush in an upward motion towards your heart (so like feet up to legs, wrists up to arms, neck down to heart, stomach upward to heart etc). It’s great that your skin is not oozing, that’s the most awful stage in my opinion! Shoot me an email and I can help you out with more tips! My email address is: ☺️
      Take care & God bless,

      1. Hi Jen

        Thanks for your advise and support. It feel comforting to know that there are people whom I can share this experience with. By the way, do you know long the shredding period will be? My face is is super flaking all around.

        Best regards

        Sent from my iPhone

      2. You’re so welcome, I’m so glad I can be here to help! The symptoms that the body goes through vary in the length of time. For me the shedding seemed non stop (after the oozing and crusting period), but I liked that stage a whole lot more than the oozing for sure. It will all take time, but dry brushing like I mentioned will help, also make sure you’re getting exercise in every day this will stimulate the lymph too and aid in eliminating toxins.

  5. Hi Jen,
    First let me say thank you for sharing story. You are so brave and amazing. I don’t know if you truly realize how many people you are helping by your journey. So again thank you. To move forward to my question, I have been healing my eczema since May 2016 and went through TSW as well during the process. I am finally seeing the progress and have reached what feels like a dead end. I would say I am 85% there. The trouble I am having is dark, tight skin patches that are lifting as if they are going to flake off (that I peel off because I am annoyed and strangely get relief from it) and some red irritated places as well. What can I do to get off this hump?

    1. Hi Kellye! Wooweee! Thanks so much for your kind words! That truly means a lot to me! From the many people who have reached out to me, it has given me a sense that I am making a small impact from sharing my story. Comments like yours are just confirmation that i need to continue to put out more content and interact with my readers. Thank you ❤ ! Praise God that you are seeing progress! I know exactly what you are talking about with the flakes and how satisfying it is to peel them. Dry brushing will help a lot to stimulate the lymph system and to slough off the dead skin flakes. I still have some spots on my feet that are like this. I've been using an essential oil blend for discolouration that helps. It's with frankincense, geranium and sandalwood. The last batch I made I added lavender for the itch. There's more info on how I do it in the "Summer 2016" post (number 6) and where I get my therapeutic, high quality oils from. I'm going to send you a personal email so I can get to know you better and assist you more. It will be a health questionnaire which will help me understand your health history and what tips I can provide according to your situation.

      Take care & God bless,

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing! My eczema seems to be healing, and sometimes still flares up into red, raised patches. Despite that, I feel like I’m moving towards healing. I am experiencing the re-growth of hair in patches on my arms (where the eczema is/was), does this mean anything?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Gianna! I’m glad this page was helpful to you! That’s great news that you’re skin is doing much better. I didn’t grow hair on my legs for awhile when it was at its worst, now it’s grown in even though I still have some flaky areas. The re-growth of hair is a great sign, to me it says that the intense flaring has subsided to where the follicles are strong enough to start to regrow hair. I pray you have continued healing progress!
      Take care & God bless,

    This is my email. Hi Jen I just came across your site and I need help with eczema has a meeting at severe depression if it would be nice to have a friend or someone that experience with eczema to help me go through this battle but a nightmare I developed it just about 5 months ago and never had as a child trying to figure out what’s the cause I’m going crazy my whole body looks like a deformity and is very depressed and I sometimes don’t even want to wake up in the morning I can’t shower I can’t wash my hair can’t shaved everything is flared I’m just a mess please help if there’s a way you can call or females better I just need someone has experience to help me fight this battle figure out of stores thanks so much

    1. Hi Salina! Thanks for reaching out to me! I’m so sorry to hear how you’ve been feeling. I know how depressing this condition can make us. You gotta stay strong and hold on! You CAN and WILL heal! Eczema is your body trying to tell you there’s something wrong internally. You’re not cleansing properly and the body is showing it through the skin. I’ll send you more info on all of this. I’ll email you my health questionnaire that I want you to fill out in detail. I’ll help in anyway I can 💜 keep believing for healing and believing in your body’s natural capability to heal itself, just gotta give it the right tools; healthy food, hydration, love, exercise and rest. I look forward to your responses!
      Take care & God bless,

      1. Hi, I need help too. I’m trying to detox my body for 4 weeks now and started seeing numerous little bumps on my arms and legs where I never had eczema and they itchy. Not sure if they are rashes or hives or new discoid eczema coming out. V worried.. . Not sure if I’m on the right track in my detox. Appreciate it if you could contact me through my email.
        Thanks a lot!

      2. Hi Mavyn! I’d be glad to help! It’s common to experience a healing crisis for sure so don’t be alarmed. I’ll send the email right away and I look forward to your detailed responses! I’ll get back to you with my suggestions as soon as I can!
        Take care & God bless,

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad that you’re finding healing! Eczema on the hands is the worst, just water alone can burn and sting. Happy healing to you! ❤
      Take care & God bless,

      1. Oh my gosh yes! It has gotten much worse since having a baby 4 months ago. I began washing my hands much more and we all know that’s not good for eczema! 😣
        Thanks for writing this blog! I’m looking at all your info now and it’s really amazing!

      2. Oh wow congrats!! Yup my hands get dried out really fast from lots of washing too. You’re so welcome! I can email you a health questionnaire if you’d like and I can share more natural tips with you 🙂

      1. That’s great to hear Mary! I’m so glad you’re not experiencing those awful symptoms. The burning is so terrible. You would greatly benefit from this algae lotion that I sell to help with the patches: There are testimonials of the lotion on my “Suggested Moisturizers & Soaps” page if you’re interested to see how my customers like it! I hope this helps!
        Take care & God bless,

  8. Thank you.. my youngest daughter has had severe eczema from age 3-18.. we’ve tried just about every OTC medicine, a ton of prescriptions and we’ve finally gotten it fairly under control. She read this today and shared it with me and thank God she’s in the final stage and man is is happy!! It’s so hard as a parent trying to stay calm and positive when she’s crying in pain and upset. You’ve given us hope.. and that’s a wonderful thing. God bless you.

    1. Hi Charmaine! You’re welcome, I’m so glad this could give you guys some comfort! I do hope that she isn’t using any steroids and has taken a more natural approach. Any OTC won’t get to the root cause and heal, it only masks the symptoms. Healing comes from the inside out. I can email you a health questionnaire to get some tips and such for healing. God bless!

    1. That’s a great sign! Keep hydrated with lots of water, and fresh fruit. Do some dry brushing too, this will help to stimulate the lymph system, and slough off any dead skin. I’ll send you an email of a health questionnaire where I can get to know you better and provide some tips for more healing! It will take time for the texture to smooth out, I’m still experiencing it too, but it’s slowly going away. You can also try out the organic micro blue green algae I mention in the Moisturizers page on my blog. Here’s the direct link for it at my store:
      I hope all of this helps! I look forward to your questionnaire response!
      Take care & God bless,

  9. Hi thanks for your sharing. May I know do u apply moisturizers over the dry n flaky skin or leaveit as it is? If u do is it normal that is itchy as u apply it over the skin?

    1. Hello Christopher! You’re very welcome! I think it’s best to dry brush the dry and flaky skin, check out this link on dry brushing: You also just want to listen to your skin and see how it’s feeling and what it needs. If dry brushing and then washing with a good, natural soap like Dr.Bronners sensitive hemp soap will work then do so. You can lightly apply moisturizer after these steps and see how your skin feels. Sometimes you’re better off with leaving it alone, which some people like to call “moisture withdrawal” this allows the skin to produce it’s own natural oils. It can happen that the moisturizer makes the skin itchy, for me at the beginning stages coconut oil would make the skin extra itchy and I found that just not putting anything felt a lot better. I hope all of this helps! I’ll email you a health questionnaire, and you can fill it out if you’d like, it will allow me to provide more natural healing tips for you!
      Take care & God bless,

      1. Hi Jen, I sent you email, quite lengthy one. I am pretty sure I’m in the healing crisis now, but I wanted to share with you coz I’m scared and sometimes I get doubts as to whether I am doing the right thing. The eczema on my feet are in dark, brown crusts now that are peeling off, and just today, peeled quite a chunk out and revealed healthy looking skin underneath! It was smooth and pinkish in color, like you said. Beat part is it doesn’t sting nor itch! Does this mean I am near complete healing?

      2. Hi Anna! Those are great signs of healing! I know it’s hard, but do your best to not pick and pull off the skin but to let those scabs fall off on their own. I know, it’s super tempting and very satisfying to do so lol, but you want it to naturally come off, and not rip any healthy skin off along with the scab you know? I’ll reply back to your email as soon as I can, and it’s no problem if it’s a lengthy one! I’m happy to read, and help in anyway that I can 🙂

        Take care & God bless,

  10. Thank you Jen! You know, I was just picking at the scabs as I read your response! Good thing you told me! Haha! I had to stop immediately! Yay! What an encouragement! Thank God there are people like you who help people in desperation. I hope you know what you do means a lot to me, and I’m sure, to others like me as well. ❤️

  11. Hello …am so glad I came across this ..have had eczema for 3 months now ..tried every medication still wasn’t seeing improvements …I met this dermatologist who has helped Me a lot .I use Shea oil and some prednisolone capsule which have really helped …the only problem now is that my skin is very flaky and I see alot of dead skin cells which has made my skin real dark ..what do u suggest I use to remove this

    1. Hello Amoakoa!
      Thanks for reaching out! I’m glad this info resonated with you. Unfortunately no medication will ever heal and get to the root cause of eczema. The prednisone is something that I recommend you get off as well as it’s a steroid just taken orally. It will only manage the symptoms and eventually when you stop taking it just like with the creams you’re skin will freak out and flare up because it’s actually withdrawing from the meds and trying to cleanse. It’s a vicious cycle and you’ll end up always needing to be on these medications. The shea butter is great to use! Only use natural emollients on the skin. You could benefit from the micro algae lotion that I recommend and sell, you can see some testimonials for it in the “Suggested Soaps & Moisturizers” section. Also take a look at the section: “Info Videos on TSA & TSW”. I’ll shoot you an email with a questionnaire, with it I can get to know you better and help assist you in this healing process! I look forward to your detailed responses!

      Take care & God bless,

  12. Greetings. I am having a terrible Eczema outbreak right now and both my hands especially my fingers are having huge blisters and some are leaking liquids. It gives me hard time to work and i see no progress or any healing signs, thus, it just keeps popping up and blisters become bigger. Any response and tips/advises will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Aldrin! Sheesh that sounds painful! I remember having those blisters but it was on the bottom of my feet! It’s so annoying! The liquid is just lymph fluid so nothing to be alarmed about, the body is just using any avenue it can to get the toxins out and for you it’s coming in the form of blisters. I’ll send you my health questionnaire I’d like you to fill out for me so I can provide natural healing suggestions for you. Hang in there!
      Take care & God bless,

  13. I am so excited to have come across this thread. I am looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog! Could you send me your health questionnaire as well?! I could sure uee some advice!

  14. Hi Jen! I have been suffering with chronic eczema for 4 years now. It covers me literally from head to toe front and back. I have stopped using steroids for a month now. One day I got the idea to brush my skin with a soft brush. When I did, a lot of flakes came off so I jumped in the tub and even more came off. Lately my skin has been flaking in patches revealing pink skin. I thought it was my skin thinning from the steroids. My breasts are almost entirely pink. I was freaking out until I ran across your blog. My skin on my lower body is still weeping when I scratch. Sometimes it weeps randomly so badly I have to wrap myself in towels to dry my skin. Is this a good sign? Thanks

    1. Hi Shareda! I’m so glad you stopped using the steroids, they never get to the root cause of the eczema and heal it. You seem to be indeed going through the withdrawal process. It can be pretty awful but you WILL get through this! The pink skin is just a fresh layer of healthy skin trying to come through. The body will go through cycles and layers and layers of skin will shed. The weeping can be awful but it is neccessary in detox. It is the metabolic waste needed to be eliminated. These are all good signs that the body is cleansing, it will get worse before it gets better (healing crisis), but hang in there! I will send you a health questionnaire that I’d like you to fill out, it will help me to get to know you better and I can assist with what you’re experiencing.
      Take care & God bless,

  15. WOW! This was Awesome! I loved reading all of this. I have had eczema all my life. Been teased, ashamed…. But this helped more than anyone can imagine. Thank God for all of you being put in my path. God Bless! Jen I appreciate you!

    1. Awww thank you Tamela and God bless you too! I’m so glad this info resonated with you! I will email you a health questionnaire so I can be able to provide you with some natural healing tips & such! I know it can be rough & people can be cruel but don’t ever be ashamed of how you look, you are a masterpiece and a child of the Most High God! Eczema is actually a “good health issue to have” in a sense because it lets us know something isn’t right on the inside, so it sends is a wake up call by showing up on the skin. You WILL overcome this! Just hang in there 🙂
      Take care & God bless,

      1. Trust me Jen just reading this was more helpful then any medicine or doctors. You help me feel better. Trust me I will be in touch! Thanks a bunch!

  16. Jen,Do you recommend Eucrisa(crisabole) for the treatment of eczema? It is non steroidal but I don’t know if it’s natural and could be used long term safely.Thanks julie

    1. No, I wouldn’t use that cream on your skin. You have to keep in mind that anything that you apply to the skin is going to be absorbed into the bloodstream, only use natural moisturizers like coconut oil, jojoba, shea butter etc. Check out my suggested soaps and moisturizers page on my blog. I will send you a health questionnaire that you can fill out if you like to get more natural healing tips and suggestions!
      Take care & God bless,

  17. Jen,

    I came across your blog by just Googling eczema healing symptoms in hope that I may be experiencing some of these. I have been in the worst depression and condition over the past month and up to that I think and hope is the worst of this condition that is covering my body. I have read above that drier and itchy skin is indeed a good sign and that gives me some relief. I still have some oozing, a lot of flaking and some scratching. I have changed my diet to only fruits and veggies. Thank you for sharing your story. It has given me hope. Thank you.

    1. ️️Hi Christian! Aw man, I’m sorry to hear about your suffering, don’t give up hope it WILL get better! Just remember suffering won’t last forever and even though it may seem like you’ll never crawl out that dark hole you will see the light again! I’m glad my info resonated with you, I’ll email you a health questionnaire and you can fill it out if you’d like and I can give you more natural healing tips according to your personal situation. I’m glad you’re being proactive with your diet, eating vegan has helped me and many others Sooo much! Hang in there, I look forward to reading your responses to the questionnaire!
      Take care & God bless,

  18. Thank you Jen. I will read that right now. It seems like I see what I think is a good sign I experience more of what I think is not a good sign.

      1. Hello jen I just want to make a suggestion ..I think Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion helps too .been using it for some months now and am seeing tremendous changes

      2. Hello currently I have flare ups ..but my they look more like itchy goosebumps …I don’t know if that’s OK ..been using a lot of coconut oil and olive oil mixtures as my moisturizer ..then I add organic Shea butter too …I want to know if it’s normal …am off steroids now

      3. Hi there! Yea the skin can go through many different symptoms when going through a healing crisis. Sometimes it’s good to just let it be and do moisture withdrawal, which allows the body’s natural oils to try to produce. But all the moisturizers you are using are great for the skin. You can try doing a bentonite clay paste on the skin as well, this helps to draw out impurities in the skin. You take one part clay to two parts water and stir with your finger let it sit (you don’t wanna use metal spoons or bowls because it will deactivate the magnetic charge in it). Then you apply to the skin (freshly washed and dried) untill it dries or as long as you can and then wash it off. Are these bumps filled with fluid at all?

  19. Hi,
    Just came across this blog. I recently got married and my husband has severe skin dryness I am not even sure what he has. He says its eczema but I think it might be psoriasis, really not sure. He has tried a bunch of different creams, in fact I find him trying different stuff every week. He itches and stays up all night long and his irritation is causing a hindrance in our intimacy. He also flakes everywhere! When he scratches its like snow is falling and there is a layer of dust on everything. He brought me coffee and the lid had a layer of skin flakes. I am starting to get kinda grossed out by it and a little annoyed since we are both not able to sleep at night. He is a great guy and cares for me a lot. I really want to help him find something that works so that he can stop being so miserable and we can both sleep and live more comfortably.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for checking out my site and reaching out on behalf of your husband. Having eczema isn’t easy for sure and it can be embarrassing at times dealing with this condition. It’s great to have a good support system to heal through this. If he’s been using topical steroids for his skin he’s going to need to withdrawal from them because they are just a band aid and never get to the root cause of the eczema. He’s going to need your care and support for sure through the withdrawal process. Healing only comes from the inside out and it will get worse before it gets better. I will email you a health questionnaire that I send to those who contact me needing support. For my services I accept a donation of any amount (whatever is in your heart to give) to my paypal account. If this is something you think your husband will be interested in, you can have him fill it out in detail and I’ll get back to you with my responses as soon as I can. He WILL get through this and he can lead a healthier life with great skin, it can just take some time and patience but the body is self healing, amazing and never makes mistakes. I hope all this helps, also check out my natural antihistamine post for the itch, it’s a great remedy that has helped me and others!
      I look forward to hearing from you ☺️
      Take care & God bless,

    1. I do eat wheat but I make sure it’s whole grain, not white flour, 100% organic and oil free. Sprouted wheat breads are even better because the sprouted grains in them are full of enzymes and easier on the digestive system. Even with the wheat I try to not do it too much as I notice if I over do it it can make me constipated. So I eat gluten free foods but for like breads I’ll make my own (buckwheat flour, oat flour, etc). A lot of g-free stuff out there can be too processed so beware. If you have a gluten intolerance like celiac then avoid it, but otherwise it’s fine in not crazy amounts.

  20. I’m in the burning and hot, itching stage. I have it itnaround my neck chest and ears. People stare at me so much. I feel so depressed and like all I want to do is hide in my house. I’m so blessed to find this site, because I. Oh don’t feel alone. Does anyone have any recommendations for cream or something soothing and what about clothes. It hurts to wear shorts that hit my chest and neck. I’m trying to watch my triggers, it’s mostly so far caffeine and mold and some gluten. But have a huge flare up now.

    1. Hi Pattie! I’m sorry you’re struggling right now but I’m glad you’ve found my site and this info has resonated with you! I will email you a health questionnaire and if you’d like you can fill it out and some support, advice and natural healing tips according to your personal situation. The only payment I accept for my services of support is a donation of any amount (whatever is in your heart to give) to my paypal account. If this is something that you’re interested in you can fill it out in detail and I’ll get back to you with my suggestions as soon as I can! As for the itch you can check out my natural antihistamine post, it’s a great remedy that has helped me and others! You can check out my Suggested Soaps and Moisturizers page and check out the organic micro algae lotion that I highly recommend. It helps repair the skin with its antioxidants and omegas and helps with the redness and inflammation. I look forward to hearing from you. You WILL get through this, the body doesn’t make any mistakes, you just have to heal from the inside may take time but it’s so worth it! I hope all this helps!
      Take care & God bless,

  21. Hi Jen,
    I just want to let everyone know visiting this page that Jennifer is AMAZING! If you are at standstill with TSW or just trying to understand more about your eczema she is such a great and knowledgeable person to talk to. I went through TSW for 18 months and now I am 95% healed. I am healing from Hyper-pigmentation and scarring, but THAT IS IT! I know as someone who suffered from TSW that we can get consumed in the negative, but I am so thankful for her guidance and support. With her tips and my holistic doctor’s help, I can finally say I have healed from TSW. Thanks Jen! And stay strong TSW warriors!

    1. Kellye! Wow, this comment just made my day! 💜 Thanks so much for the love girl! I’m so glad to hear that you are so far along in your healing! Praise God! 🙏 I know the road is tough but I’m glad you’ve endured and are in such a better place! Yes I’m still dealing with the discolouration too unfortunately but I know it will even out. I continue to alternate with the micro algae lotion: and my diy essential oil creams with geranium, frankincense (sometimes myrrh) , and sandalwood for the discolouration (my EOs store link: ) Keep your diet plant based, super hydrated, antioxidant rich and anti inflammatory which will help with skin health. Also make sure to get some sun, that good vitamin D will help restore as well. Thanks for encouraging my readers as well! You rock!
      Take care & God bless,

  22. I’m so glad I came across this page! Thanks so much Jen, you have given me so much hope in this one post! I thought that I couldn’t get through this anymore, had eczema since I was young, but only on my elbow and creases of my arms but the past 2 weeks, I’ve had a really bad flare up everywhere except the bottom half of my legs, not sure why yet, I’ve been so depressed and down these past two weeks and so embrassed to let my boyfriend touch me, I’ve still got some oozing fluid on my back and we’re my underarms are, hopeful that it will get better, I’m using natural caster oil right now, do you think that this is a good oil to use? The rest of my eczema is patchy, flaky, dry and purplish/Pink, does this mean it’s getting better, thanks again for giving me a sense of hope that this will clear away!

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m so glad the info on my website has resonated with you and has given you a sense of hope. The flares ups can be so discourgaing, BUT it’s your body’s way of telling you that it is going through a healing crisis and is in need of healing and that you need to give it all of the right things to restore and thrive. For the oozing for sure don’t apply anything, just let it do it’s thing and dry and crust on its own. I would look into my remedy for the ooze at this page (my store site link is in the post as well): Castor oil is a good oil, it’s super thick so I only really use on my scalp with lavender and melaleuca oil to help with itch and dandruff. When the skin gets flaky and you can see new skin coming through that is a good sign! I know this can all be so overwhelming, but do believe that it WILL get better, the body is amazing at self healing, you just gotta be patient and give it the right tools to do so. Also sometimes healing can show up from the inside out and from the top of the body to the bottom, through the extremities. If you are interested in any coaching I will email you my health questionnaire and you can fill it out in detail if this interests you. I accept a donation of any amount (whatever is in your heart to give) for my services of support to my PayPal account (more info on this later). With the questionnaire I can get to know you better, send lots of info emails and give lots of tips according to your situation. If this is something you want to do you can fill it out and I’ll get back to you with my recommendations as soon as possible! I hope all of this helps!
      Take care & God bless,

  23. Hi Jen ! Thanks for this post. I believe I’m in the healing stages (finally) although where my eczema started above my lip is still there and where the eczema was later seems to be healing faster. I guess it was more intense above my lip rather than below. I am excited and can’t wait for my fAce to be fully healed. I experienced the worst outbreak of my life a few weeks a couple times within the past year , but I believe it is finally letting up. And definitely believe it has to do with my diet, what I avoid, taking supplements and nourishing myself . This also includes staying away fr exercise when necessary oddly enough . Healing vibes to every one here ❤ God bless

    1. Hi Jules! So glad to hear you’re recovering nicely! I would recommend doing some oil pulling with raw coconut oil as it was a great remedy when I would have face flares, I still do it a few times a week. Check out the bottom of my page “Detoxification” for more info. You can also try using bentonite clay as a mask on your face. Also check out my post (type into the search) “Experimental Remedy” where I used turmeric to clear up a flare around my mouth. Although sweating while exercising can be annoying you must get your body moving because it helps to cleanse the lymph system which is the sewer system of the body. If you’d like more natural healing tips, coaching support and info you can feel free to fill out the questionnaire I will email you and I’ll get back to you with my responses as soon as I can ☺️ I hope all this helps! Congrats on great progress!
      Take care & God bless,

  24. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Neither my husband or I have ever dealt with eczema but our 8 month old son has had eczema symptoms since about 2 months old. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for babies with eczema. He has 5 major patches that have been oozing for a couple months now, and lots of dry patches on his back. I have started using Epsom salts in his bath and a touch of witch hazel. He is breast feed and I have eliminated dairy/soy/eggs from my diet. I make his food with only organic ingredients. About a week ago I introduced a little bit of bone broth daily and a probiotic supplement for babies. I have started seeing some improvement on one patch, the first one to flare up, but the rest of his body seems to be getting worse, although, his skin doesn’t feel as hot, especially in his face and his face started flaking today. Does that sound like some signs of healing and possible healing crisis? He’s definitely visibly more itchy as well. My question would be, since he can’t talk to me, as far as moisturizing, I’ve been using coconut oil and some other natural products. You mentioned that coconut oil would sometimes make it more itchy. Would you suggest not applying anything to his skin and see how that goes for a little while? Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. Hi Lydia, Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear about your little one, I know how rough this must be for you and your husband seeing him like this. I can for sure help out with natural healing suggestions! What I’ll do is send you a health questionnaire that I’d like you to fill out in detail and I’ll get back to you with my responses. For my services of support, time and effort, I accept payment of any amount (whatever is in your heart to give). With your answers I can give tons of info, diet and supplement advice and really get to understand what he’s dealing with. The flaking is indeed a great stage, don’t be alarmed if it starts oozing again, there are many ups and downs in the healing crisis. Coconut oil is great, for me in the beginning stages of topical steroid withdrawal the coconut oil would make me itch for a good 10 min then calm down. Now I can tolerate coconut oil with no problem. I always attributed it to the antifungal and antibacterial properties “working” on the skin. I look forward to hearing from you and getting your son back on the right track to health!
      Take care & God bless,

  25. Greetings, I don’t know if today is my lucky day or what, but miraculously some test of fate led me to this email. However cutting straight to the point, I have serious eczema and a lot of flaky skin that lowers my self esteem so much , I’m trying to change my diet and avoid the “triggers” and I’ve been doing that since the past few days, also I’ve been drinking a lot of water but as we speak I’m seeing a tremendous breakout, I’m not sure if my body is reacting to the new eating practice or what. Please help me out


  26. Im going through eczema right now on may face and legs. It’s comes about to be so dry and just now it becomes flaky 💕 I dont know if it is a sign of healing but im hoping to be okey as soon as possible.

    1. Hi! Dry and flaky is better than oozing, but you definitely need some internal hydration, and to cleanse from the inside out. Also dry brushing with a natural fiber brush like a tampico fiber brush will help slough off dead skin flakes and get the lymph system stimulated. I will send you an email with my health questionnaire if you’re interested in getting some support on healing your skin & tons of natural tips, diet and supplement advice. ☺ Just fill it out in detail and I’ll get back to you with my responses as soon as I can!
      Take care & God bless,

  27. The dry skin that is black in color is starting to peel off and I notice that the new skin that was peel off was smooth and feels like new. Is this a sign of healing ? the itching was lessen also.

  28. My baby developed eczema at 2 months and got really bad at 9 months. Later on appeared in patches. …..face then scalp then chest then hands and feet then fingers. At 3 2 months now one leg has flared up,what could this mean?What’s your take on oilatum cream and soap,elocom lotion and castor oil,thanks

    1. HI Carol, thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear about your your baby, it’s so hard when the little ones are suffering. Your baby needs healing for sure, it seems like the eczema is spreading and getting worse. True healing comes from the inside out, these topical ointments aren’t good for the skin (besides the castor oil) since they aren’t natural. Always use the rule of thumb “if you can essentially eat it then you can put it on your skin”. Check out my Suggested Moisturizers page for more info on what’s best to use. I will send you a health questionnaire that you can fill out for your baby and I can get to you your child better and give lots of suggestions and such according to their personal situation. Your child can heal from this, it truly is possible! I look forward to your responses and I’ll get back to you with my suggestions as soon as I can!
      Take care & God bless,

  29. Reluctantly had my first steroid shot in December 2017. Now it’s back with a vengence. Have used topical steroids off & on throughout my life. Taking no drugs now! Rash has spread, is drying out. Clear secretions, mostly from the neck, with metallic smell. Chills but no fever. Skin is so dry & some areas puffy. Other than this…I really feel great having cut out so many things that weren’t good for me. Is this normal when healing eczema naturally?

    1. Hi Karen, I just saw your other message on FB but I accidentally deleted it lol. But no I don’t have a store, I do health coaching for eczema sufferers. I will send you a personal email of my health questionnaire if you’d like some coaching support. I’m glad to hear that you are off of the meds and working on healing naturally! It takes a lot of courage to endure the withdrawal process but it’s so worth it in the end! All of those symptoms are very common and I’ve gone through them myself. I can for sure help you out with lots of info emails, and a specific protocol for you from the response to the questionnaire. I look forward to hearing from you! Happy healing and keep up the great work!
      Take care & God bless,

  30. Thanks so much for responding, Jen!!! Should I be concerned about the weeping (secretions that have the metallic smell) & chills? Also, maybe you can tell me what stage I’m in. Eczema is drying & peeling in some areas. Skin feels like sandpaper in the am until I dry brush, shower & moisturize. Skin is now very dark & dry. Some areas still have swelling (puffy). Most of the eczema is confined to my upper body, but I’m now getting patches (starts with a bunch of itchy red bumps close to each other that come together) on my calves. Skin looks ashy in the am. Some areas are still a little red but turning dark. It’s like one area is healing & HERE COMES ANOTHER AREA but it starts to dry & turn dark a lot quicker. Never been through this before. I’m accustomed to a small spot here or there with long periods of clear skin. Prior to this, my worst breakout was as a toddler. And I can’t find any comfy clothes….I know that this too shall pass!!!

    1. Yes, it will all pass, but it takes time. Best to ride the wave and do all that you can to stay comfortable and do right by your body in the process. The oozing is normal, its the stagnant lymph fluid and toxins coming out, hence the awful smell. Same with the chills, it’s just the body trying to regulate and heal. You seem to be in the middle of the process, it’s normal for it to spread too because it doesn’t care if you’ve used steroids on that area or not, the body is just trying to push out the toxins and heal in the best way it knows how so it will take any avenue to do so. When it gets dry and flaky that’s a great stage, and the darkening can fade out as well, you can also benefit from my algae lotion for the discolouration (see testimonials on it in my suggested moisturizers page). I’ll make sure to get my responses to your questionnaire to you as soon as I can.

  31. Having a bad itchy day today. Yes, I scratched lightly…lol…and rubbed!!! Geesh… Just wondering…how long did it take before the lymph fluids stopped with you? I know we’re all different. It’s almost limited to when I sleep that the lymph fluids start. I now hate the smell & I hate the wetness. Just venting… I do get lymph fluid when I dry brush, so I decided not to dry brush before showering this morning. Just wanted to stay in bed with the covers over my head and sleep. But for this rash, itching & fluids…I truly feel great.

    1. I’m glad that you have a spirit of gratitude despite the awful symptoms you’re going through! Make sure to review the EO recommendations email I sent, you’d benefit from the TriEase for the itch and the oregano capsules for the ooze. Dry brushing is good as it stimulates the lymph, gotta get that fluid out, but only dry brush on dry skin…not raised red oozy skin. I went through many cycles of ooze, crust, flake. The body just has to heal there’s no telling how long it will take but things like the oregano can help as well as eating alkaline, and ramp up your fruit intake as well…very powerful at cleansing the lymph.

  32. I need some help, I have eczema on my shoulders, neck and around my eyes and for head. It is really dry and sore at the moment, I’m applying hemp seed oil twice a day (I only started this two days ago). My face is feeling really tingly and a bit sore at the moment but the patches of eczema seem to be frying out? Does that mean it’s slowly starting to heal? Also I seem to have a lot of dandruff on my scalp at the moment which is very frustrating, I need some advice on some shampoos I could be using to help repair my scalp? I went to a dermatologist and they wanted me to use harsh chemicals and tar shampoo. Any advice would be fantastic

    1. ️️️Hi Liza! Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear about why you’re going through, I know how hard it is. The drying out is a good sign of healing. For the scalp you can check out my suggested moisturizers and soap page and you’ll see my fave Shampoo from shea moisture, great for all hair types! To really get to the root of eczema I’ll need more info from you on your health history. I’ll shoot you a health questionnaire you can fill out in detail and I’ll get back to you with my suggestions. ☺️ I look forward to hearing from you!
      Take care & God bless,

  33. Hi there, I have eczema around my eyes, mouth, neck and shoulders. Lately around my eyes and mouth it’s been peeling and burning and by reading your article it seems like it’s a sign of healing? But recently my eye has been swollen I’m not sure due to the eczema or my allergies because I do know those two are linked someway. Please let me know what you think and if I’m on the path of my eczema healing and also How long do you think it takes to heal ? Thank you for leaving this information because it does give me hope that I’m getting better.

    1. Hi Aniya, I’m sorry to hear about what you’re experiencing! The peeling is a great stage, the skin will go through many stages of healing and there’s no real telling how long it can take. You’ve gotta be doing all the right things to help your body heal from the inside out. Our bodies are amazing at self-healing, we just gotta give it the right tools to do so. For the swelling, try a cold washcloth or ice packs around the area and make sure you’re getting in ️Good hydration through fresh fruits, green juices especially celery juice-great for edema, fresh coconut water, and water. Your body needs to cleanse and I can help out with that if you’d like! I will email you my health questionnaire and you can fill it out in detail and I’ll provide tons of natural healing tips and suggestions. Hang in there, it gets worse before it gets better but it WILL get better! And yes, allergies and eczema are related, I can give more info on that when you fill out the questionnaire. I look forward to eating from you!

      Take care & God bless,

    2. Aniya, I tried to send the questionnaire but it keeps getting sent back to me, maybe you gave the wrong email when you filled out this comment? You can shoot me a quick email @ so I have your correct address and I can re-send it for you. I really want you to be able to get the support you need. 💜

  34. First of all THANK YOU for your blog, you have saved me so much anxiety and I can heal my baby which doctors were unable to do and really put me down for suggesting that the steroids were making her skin worse once we cycled off the steroids.

    Once the wetness/ oozing stops and there is dry rough skin do we begin to lotion?

    My baby has been geeting aggrevated oozing i believe due to her eucerin cream which works fine on every part of her body except for the eczema patch. so i stopped using creams and wetting her eczema patch.

    1. Hello! I’m so glad my blog has resonated with you! Yes it’s best to avoid steroids and eucerin cream as well. Only use natural moisturizers. The oozing is apart of the healing process and it’s best to leave it alone to dry up, crust over and create a scab then it will flake off. I will send you a health questionnaire that you can fill it out if you’d like to get some natural healing tips, diet and supplement advice and support. For my time and effort I just take a donation of whatever you’d like to give, any amount. This helps me to support my blog and the help that I give to eczema sufferers. You can fill it out in detail and send photos if you’d like.
      Your baby WILL get through this, the body is amazing at healing we just gotta give it the right tools to do so!

      Take care & God bless,

  35. Hi maam..its my 5th day experiencing first i wasnt sure if it was eczema. I thought it was only an allergy but later on..after some peeling and blisters from my feet and hands..i searched throughout the internet that its definitely a eczema..the thing is..i havent been to the doctor to check my condition…but right now..i dont feel much itchiness…its like a slight needle pinch to my hands and feet…my concern i on the process of getting healed since it doesnt itch much? And i only have few blisters on my feet and small ones on my hands….am i gonna be okay once they crack and form a new skin? As long as it doesnt get infected? Please help…
    Right now im only using hydrocortisone cream which ive read from the internet and applied moisturizer…do you think im doing fine?

    1. Hi Phillip, sorry to hear about what you’re dealing with! I know how awful it is because I too have had blisters on my hands and the bottom of my feet – ouch! Mine were filled with a clear fluid which isn’t good…it’s lymph fluid (not infection though) that basically means the body needs to detox and heal. The body is using the skin as a channel of elimination because the other channels aren’t functioning the way they should. It’s good that it’s not as itchy for you but the blisters still aren’t a good symptom. You need to address the underlining cause. And the steroid cream is only a bandaid to the symptoms, check out my page on info videos on tsw. I can email you a health questionnaire and you can fill it out in detail if you’d like. This helps me to get to know you better and I can offer suggestions to your personal situation. I’ll get back to you with my responses as soon as I can! I hope all this helps 😊
      Take care & God bless,

  36. Dear Jen
    Thank you for your encouragement. I read over and over again. Right now my skin has dried so much esp around the collarbone that when I touch it feels so furry. What does this means?

    The area around my ankle is so dry that it hurts to walk. Crackling, swollen and pain.

    1. Hi there! You’re so welcome, I’m glad that you’ve found my website helpful! It sounds like the skin around your collarbone is flaky…it’s a good idea to dry brush your skin, check out the most recent post I have on dry brushing and how to do it. I’m sorry to hear about your ankle, I know how painful that can be. Using natural moisturizers on the skin (make sure to look at my page on my site about natural moisturizers) will help with the dryness, getting juices in like fresh pressed celery juice can help with swelling.
      I’ll send you a personal email if you need more support you can reach out!
      I hope this helps!
      Take care & God bless,

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