Michal’s Healing Testimony!


The next participant in the Testimonial Healing Series is Michal! I met him through my website and he reached out to me needing support and suggestions to get through the natural eczema healing process. I love how proactive he became in changing up his diet and really getting into it… you can just tell in his delicious food pictures below! He is such a trooper for having to deal with so much having to take care of his family, and going through this awful process. He has always kept a positive, faithful attitude and is a great encouragement to me as well! I just know that his story will inspire you all!

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1.) What is your age and where do you live? Hi my name is Michal and I’m 32 in November. Currently I live in Bedford in United Kingdom.

2.) How long have you had eczema and how long did you use topical steroids for and which kinds of steroids?
I can’t really remember when I discovered the eczema symptoms as I wasn’t aware of this kind of illness. It started probably when I was around 13 and I didn’t go to the doctors until I was 15-16 year old. I decided to do the skin test and it came up with a few things I was allergic to. The allergist prescribed me a steroid cream called ELOCOM and something to sooth the skin called LIPOBASE. If I count the years of using TS it would be around 15.
3.) How far into the withdrawal process are you and at what percentage of healing would you say you are at?
I’ve been into withdrawal for 25 months now (WOW) and I can live a pretty normal life. I am not 100% healed but I’m nearly there I guess. I would say I’m 90% healed.
4.) How would you describe TSW for those who have no idea what it’s all about?
TSW is an awful process of healing. I never thought of any skin condition you can get while going through withdrawal. It is so painful life changing process which will take away loads of tears, pain, time to look after yourself. It’s something I would never wish to anyone seriously.
 I found out about TSW digging in online. I found some information about the guy who lives in Australia and he put away his ointments and I got in touch with his girlfriend who ran the blog about her boyfriend. She invited me to TSW Facebook Group and I was told to have a look at ITSAN  to get some more information about what to expect. I also got to go through Jennifer Hall’s blog about eczema and I got in touch with Jen. She helped me to understand what’s natural healing and how much it can improve and speed up the process of healing. She was always there for me whenever I felt lost or I wanted to get some info about the new symptoms I was experiencing.
 I got full body withdrawal which I didn’t understand at all. There were only few areas on my body where I would constantly apply ELOCOM (on and off) so I couldn’t get why my whole body is affected by these symptoms. At the beginning I experienced dry skin, some cracks, itchiness, soreness, joint pain (bursitis) and elephant skin. My skin was constantly flaking. It was so painful and I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. I was lost. A month after being in TSW my baby girl was born and I couldn’t be there for her and my wife as I was looking after myself and dealing with all the symptoms I had been experiencing. It was horrible and I didn’t know what can work for my skin to make the pain go away. I continued working and I haven’t taken any days off apart from a few days when I got eczema herpectium on my face in May 2016.
 In terms of my mental condition, I was just so sad that it’s happening to me. I was so anxious for a long time as well and I often cried on my wife’s shoulder. I remember days I didn’t want to go out or if I had to go to do some shopping I would wear a hood.
 Also being at work in this condition was so hard, facing people looking at you with mercy and just feeling sorry for you when you told them what is it. I lost my self-confidence as I couldn’t look in the mirror as I didn’t want to look at myself. I would rather use the bathroom in darkness than keep seeing my dry and red hands or constantly falling off skin flakes.
 I’m so glad my wife and my family actually are with me but it wasn’t so easy in the beginning of TSW. They would keep saying I should consult the doctor or at least do some other tests like blood or another skin test. They accepted my path I chose to go but they would keep saying from time to time if I’m sure I know what I’m doing.
 *More info on detoxification HERE

Check out Michal’s amazing healing photos!!

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5.) What has going through TSW and healing your eczema taught you?
Going through the TSW definitely taught me how to be patient and as an extra how to love yourself no matter how you look and how you feel at the moment. It showed me how important it is to provide your body what’s purest and essential for it. It also taught me how to deal with pain, how to understand the healing process and how to live your life even if you think it will never be different anymore.
6.) What kind of diet and lifestyle did you have before (breakfast, lunch and dinner – typical meals)?
Before I found out about TSW I was an average person eating whatever I fancied. I tried to cook healthy, but previously I worked for the restaurant where my eating was just mad. I would eat some pasta or pizza for lunch having some cereal or oats for breakfast and after that I would eat another heavy meal and in the evening. I would start eating some desserts as it was so easy to have a slice of a broken piece while preparing desserts for customers. Later in the evening while being at work, I would have some alcohol drinks as mainly I was being at the bar or even when I served the floor I would still get someone to make some drinks for me and my colleagues. Generally saying my diet was rubbish because my body was always dealing with some late meals after work or I would have some beer after busy shift from time to time. If I had a chance to cook some food at home (usually on my days off) I would eat healthy and looked after what is on my plate. I definitely had loads of refined products and I always had a sweet tooth plus I was missing on eating fruits.
7.) What kind of diet and lifestyle do you have now (breakfast, lunch and dinner – typical meals)?
When I started the withdrawal process I quit alcohol and became vegetarian as I knew I can’t be neutral about what I eat and how I eat. It was for 6 months when I when I found out about a vegan diet (BIG THANKS TO JEN). Being a vegetarian was simple as being vegan to be honest.
  •  My typical meal since I became vegan was 2 pints of smoothie (banana, kiwi, frozen summer fruit, chia seeds, ginger, cinnamon or different ingredients according to the season).
  • During the day I would snack on any fruits or some veg like carrot or celery sticks. Lately I discovered my favourite non processed peanut paste which I usually have with banana as an energy boost (my sweet replacement for any processed chocolate bar).
  • For lunch I would eat any high carb ingredient such a chickpea pasta (GF), brown or basmati rice, potato (sweet or white), with whole head of broccoli or any other steamed veg plus I would stir-fry some onion, mushroom, and anything I fancied like butternut squash etc. I would have it with plain tomato sauce and spiced with turmeric or cumin or masala sauce or curry or sometimes just plain with extra virgin olive oil.
  • For dinner I always wanted to go as simple as possible so I would usually have some salad (iceberg or white cabbage or spinach with tomato, cucumber, orange, olives or anything you really fancy, but it has to be raw. Salad would be seasoned with herbs like basil, oregano, dill, ginger parsley etc. drizzled with E-V olive oil and a spoon of ACV. I would have with my salad some mashed potato with fried onion (love this simple mash) or I would bake my potato or sweet potato or I would just have some plain rice with fried onion.
8.) What made you change your diet and lifestyle?
The main thing which made me change the diet was some research I did where I found some information about cleaning your body from inside out and also the common quote about food: ‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT’. I also watched the documentary movie called THE FOOD MATTERS and the main reason I changed my diet and went vegan was mentioned above. Thank you once again to JEN for guiding me through and make me understand more about healing from inside out. Bless you!

****You’re so welcome Michal! <3<3<3

9.) What improvements in your skin and overall health have you experienced because of these changes? 
Starting the vegan diet definitely speeded up the healing process but still I wasn’t sure if this is not going to extend the time of healing. Firstly I experienced that my energy levels are coming back, I felt lighter after each meal and I enjoyed the flavour of anything I had on my plate and still do. My skin was dry but I experienced less pain coming from all this dryness. I started sleeping better and I had deeper sleeping which kept me going through the day. My skin keeps flaking all the time now, but I know this is the process of renewing the new cells that the new skin is replacing the old and damaged one. It’s hard to tell what exactly I experienced because once I had feeling I’m healed next day some old symptoms would come back but this time not strong as previously and this is where I am now.
10.) What are some of your favourite dishes to cook and any recipes you’d like to share?
My favourite dish I would always eat and I wouldn’t get bored of it is a plain chickpea penne with fried onion, mushroom and black olives with some steamed broccoli and hummus on the side. I also love my curry sweet potato chickpea dish which I would prepare with some fresh spinach served with broccoli and basmati rice. I have another favourite dish which is called my falafel bolognese. It’s easy to cook and you would need to fry some onion, and anything you fancy (butternut squash or sweet potato or mushroom etc.). Before adding some falafel you would need to pour some water and add the falafel balls, let is soak and stir into a sauce adding in the end some organic tomato sauce and spices depending what you like (I prefer to make it a bit spicy).
 *All dishes seasoned with oregano, dried parsley, lovage, black pepper, turmeric, chilli flakes, himalyan salt, basil, cumin, curry. Selection depends on a dish
11.) Any favourite natural healing tips and remedies that you’d like to share that you found most effective?
If I could give anyone any tips for internal and external use I would definitely recommend drinking ACV as a first thing in the morning on empty stomach as well as consuming a full teaspoon of turmeric and black pepper with a bit of coconut oil. I truly like using chia seeds with anything you want (I prefer chia pudding with berries – with almond or coconut or oat milk).  It’s worth to try the activated charcoal as it helps to get rid of toxins and heavy metals plus try to have in your diet some fresh parsley and cilantro (coriander). Any natural supplements such as spirulina, chlorella, milk thistle, probiotics (I would suggest here a natural way of getting them into your body with sauerkraut or gherkins (sour cucumber)).
12.) Any encouraging words and inspiration that you’d like to share with other eczema and TSW sufferers out there?
There is no other way to get your skin and health back than changing your diet. I chose VEGAN but you can try just to change something small like eliminating refined sugar, dairy products and trying to eat more plant based food as these are the most natural source of nutrients. Hang in there and try to be positive. I know it sucks, but you will become stronger in time and you won’t regret your healthy choices. Your body has a huge capability of healing, but it needs your help. You will get there no matter how long it takes trust me.
In regards to any songs for inspiration, I love listening to ABGT (Above & Beyond Group Therapy) as well as the Gladiator Soundtrack. Apart from that I love to listen various music with a good rhythm.
My fave quote is ‘You’re what you eat’.

Get in touch with Michal!

Check out his Instagram page, username: i.love.burpees
Check out his Fitness Coaching Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/GetFitChallengeIt
 Thanks Michal for sharing your story with my readers, I know they will find strength and inspiration through your journey! ❤

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