Adventures in Raw Food! 

Eat the Rainbow!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now! I ventured into a raw plant based diet back in May, and I kept it up for a month and a half. Anytime you make changes in your diet to clean, whole foods rich in enzymes & nutrients, you will experience a detox. I was already eating very clean…I was eating a plant based, vegan whole foods diet pior to going raw. I guess because my diet was so clean beforehand, I didn’t think that I would’ve experienced a detox. But sheesh, what a detox it was!

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My DIY Essential Oil Lotion

So I’ve really been getting into essential oils lately (as you can see from my previous posts lol). I’m all about the natural remedies and essential oils are wonderful concentrated plant based oils! Mother Nature always does it best 😉

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