3.5 Years Topical Steroid Free!

Wow, it’s pretty amazing to think how long I’ve been in the game of TSW (topical steriod withdrawal). Right now I’m typing this out on my phone (been having computer issues lately 😞) and I’m sitting in my moms apartment in Florida. Yup, I left Nyc temporarily to help my healing process along. This month as well as most of the summer has been really up & down for my skin. Of course I’m trying to take it all in stride and not be too upset when there are more down days than up.

It took my body awhile to recouporate upon traveling. Weeks leading up to my travel date (Sept 1st) my skin had been going through the usual comfortable cycle: ooze,crust,flake & shed like mad then repeat. Still concentrated on my legs and feet. I think just the stress of packing and traveling had my body a bit out of whack more than usual. My travel date came and thank goodness for wheelchair service at the airport! My feet were in such a state, and there was NO way I was walking all through JFK airport.

The above pic is how my feet were looking on my travel day 😞

I made it safely to Jacksonville FL, and was hit with warmth and humidity while exiting the airport lol. It was so wonderful to see my mom, she’s my rock, my best friend and biggest cheerleader. I’m so thankful to have her in my life and to be able to spend some time with her and recieve her healing love. It’s taken my body awhile to recoup…insomnia has been the absolute WORST for me these days, to where most nights I’m getting like 3 hours (if that much) of sleep, but it’s starting to get better. I’ve been able to soak up some sun here and there (when it’s not constantly raining lol), but when my skin is oozing I try to stay indoors. When my skin is oozy I have terrible issues with temperature regulation. It’s like my skin is hot and I’m sweating but I’m freezing and my teeth are chattering. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling and I just can’t wait for it to pass. It’s amazing the horrific stages our bodies will go through to heal, the oozing stage is the stage I always dread but I know it’s a part of the process and I must endure through it.

Yesterday was the best day I’ve had all month! I was able to go sit poolside and take in some rays! Even left the house later on to go my fave spot…Chipotle! The mini victories are always worth celebrating. Having a good day truly needs to be cherished because this process can be so unpredictable you don’t know when another good day will come again!

The pics above are from when I sat out by the pool.

Definitely not my most flattering pic, but I like to keep it real and show you guys how I’m doing. This was taken while waiting in the car for my mom lol. You can tell I had some flaking going on and how tired my eyes are…surprisingly enough I actually got some decent sleep the night before. Can’t wait for that eyelid thickness to go down and for the discolouration on my face and neck to even out. Oh yea and I’ve scratched the crap out of my eyebrows again! Ugh, I’ll be putting some castor oil on them to help them grow. I believe rosemary essential oil is also great for hair growth! 😉

I’m looking forward to more sunshine and more healing. I feel more at ease and less stressed out, it’s probably all of this fresh air and just being around my mama ☺️

Some things I’ve done differently as of late:

-I’ve been taking in collagen from grass fed beef. I usually eat vegan, but wanted to give this a try to help with gut healing and skin health. So far I’ve been using it since the 3rd of this month. It’s a tasteless powder that I add about 2 spoons of to my morning fruit smoothie. I use the Dr.Axe brand.

-using a DIY moisturizer of raw shea butter, organic coconut, olive & jojoba oil and high quality  frankincense, geranium, lavender and myhrr essential oils. It’s supposed to be a very healing and restorative moisturizer. The lavender helps with the itching, the frankincense helps to even out the skin tone. 

My DIY lotion 😃

-I started to eat fish again…just wild caught salmon and sardines. I had the most insane craving for it last month so I listened to my body and got some high quality fish and had some at least once a week.

-I was slacking with my oil pulling (I usually do it every other day) so I started it back up but this time with clove essential oil. Clove essential oil promotes healthy teeth and gums. I find that when I oil pull my face stays pretty clear. I’m already noticing some cuts and irritation that was under my bottom lip that are on its way to healing!

-I’ve been using a diffuser with calming essential oils to help me sleep. If you’re interested in the essential oils I use just shoot me an email for more info: eczema.holistic.healing@gmail.com or click HERE for the direct link. My mom has really gotten into them and has put me on to its natural healing benefits. It’s so amazing how healing plants can be! I’ve also been using essential oils on the soles of my feet which also helps with sleep. I’ve used Vetiver which is a natural seditive, and all you need is one to two drops on each big toe. I have mixed reviews as it worked some nights for me but not all. Everyone is different so it might work for others.

-a natural pain reliver I’ve been taking is certain essential oils in a veggie cap. The oils are frankincense, marjoram and lemongrass. It really took down the sore, achy pain I was feeling within an hours time! I also took a veggie cap of frankincense and oregano oil to help stave off infection whilst in an oozy state.

-still keeping it mainly plant based and getting in lots of fruit and of course I’m still pretty consistent with my nightly green drink.

I can tell that the moisturizer I made is helping my skin. It def had me shedding a lot of skin the first few weeks, and I feel it’s leaving my skin softer.

My “photo” section will have to be updated later on when I can get on a proper computer…but I hope you all enjoyed reading my lil update. I hope all of you eczema warriors are doing well, staying positive and continuing to take wonderful care of your health! Remember healing happens from the inside out, and it will take time to completely recover, but just have the faith and KNOW it is possible! 💜

Take care!



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