Words & art from a TSW caregiver

There are many caregivers out there on the itsan.org forums sharing there stories, asking for advice and venting along with those who are suffering.  I commend those who can be a stronghold for those going through topical steroid withdrawal.  I know for myself, at the beginning stages of my healing, my mother was my rock who was there for me through all the ups and downs.  She would express to me how helpless she would feel, in knowing that she couldn’t take this pain away from me, or even take on the pain herself.  Through her love and encouragement, as well as the encouragement of my friends and family I kept pushing through, and I’m continuing to push through, no matter how agonizing it can be at times.  A caregiver member on the itsan.org forums expressed so beautifully his side of this illness and portrayed it in a painting.  I would like to share with you all his work Eternal Optimist…


My wife is 3 months into her withdrawals. I feel for everyone who has to go through this.  In honor of my wife and all the countless others who have gone through this and are going through this I did this painting.  It was very therapeutic for me to paint this.



When the one you hold most dear has been in chronic pain with no end in sight, lack of sleep and no sign of lasting help, can’t remember the last time there wasn’t any pain, rational thinking and reason have temporarily been itched away.  Watching and listening to your most beloved moan and cry, with sights and sounds you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, claws at your very soul.  When the once most positive, optimistic person you have ever met has lost all hope and has attempted to exit the stage.  Sideline judges speak in shadows out of ignorance and cast reasons why, out of their houses made of glass.  The raw grit of life won’t let you run. Selflessly giving, you are the Eternal Optimist for the other.

Joe Kresoja