Remedywear Face Mask

😷 I’ve been really pleased with the Remedywear face mask lately, CLICK HERE to order and use the coupon code: ECZEMAHOLISTIC for 10% off! 💜 This face mask is unique and especially great for those who are healing from eczema because of its fabrication. Remedywear’s Tencel face mask is made with cooling, moisture wicking TENCEL and embedded with antibacterial and antimicrobial zinc to fight germs and bacterial growth that can build up on both the inside and outside of the mask. I also love it because it’s so silky soft and not harsh like those paper masks and it’s super breathable. Check it out HERE for tons more info on this mask and let me know how you like it if you get one too! I opted for the size medium as it’s a perfect fit for women 👍🏽. I also have the Remedywear socks, pants and long sleeve top and have found them to be just as comfortable, cooling and soothing as well!

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