Detox Food Pyramid

I like to focus on eating simply when the body is going through a healing crisis aka flares, this allows the body to do some deep cleansing and really repair. This is a great pyramid to show you how the body can cleanse on different foods. A water fast (which I’ve done a 3 & 5 day one before) can allow the body to put its energy strictly on healing because there’s no energy spent on digesting foods. If you look into doing a water fast start off slow with a 3 day one & sort out time to do it (because you’ll literally be just drinking water, urinating and resting, no energy to do anything else). Fruit is the easiest of foods to digest, and you can see it’s next on the pyramid. Melons are the fastest of foods to digest, so having a watermelon feast is another great cleansing method (I did a 3 day watermelon feast once aka watermelon island ). As you start going down the pyramid and adding veggies your detox can slow down and when you add cooked foods and especially nuts and seeds it can slow way down. Always focus on how foods digest and look into food combining for proper digestion. When I focus on fasting methods and eating more simply & raw, I FEEL the results in more hydrated skin, more clarity, and great digestion. Healing comes from the inside out, we gotta help our detox channels in every way we can! πŸ‘ #eczemaholistichealing

#gofruityourself !Β 


Sunday Fruit Haul! Oranges, bananas, baby bananas, papayas, limes, baby watermelon, avocados, guavas, apples, plantains, Galia melons, champagne mangos & frozen fruit tropical blend!


Enjoy your fruit y’all! Don’t be afraid of the sugars in fruit, they won’t make you fat, and won’t contribute to Candida overgrowth. On the contrary, a high carb-low fat plant based diet will HEAL Candida overgrowth! The sugars in fruit give us the fuel our body runs on. This energy is assimilated and used to heal and repair our cells! Fruit is super fiberous, water rich and packed with antioxidants, anti inflammatory properties, vitamins and minerals. These components are in complex carbs unlike refined sugars in white processed foods, candy, pastries, high fructose corn syrup etc.Β that have virtually no nutritional value.Β Fruit is highly alkaline and easily digestible with a transit time of less than 3 hours! Animal products are acidic, inflammatory and have a transit time of 24-72 hours! 😱 To heal from eczema we must have optimal, efficient digestion and plant foods will aid in this, unlike animal products that sit, rot & putrefy in the colon 😳. Plus they’re super sweet and yummy and by nature we are just meant to eat them! They are the original “fast food”. Make sure they’re super ripe because it’s sweeter and better for the digestion! So “GO FRUIT YOURSELF”! 😜