YouTube TSW video focusing on the children warriors!

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A parent from the TSW facebook group posted this video about spreading awareness of Topical Steroid Addiction/Withdrawal (Red Skin Syndrome).

In it you will find many parents speaking of thier childs story with progress photos as well. It always hurts my heart to see these babies suffering like this. This is such hell to deal with as an adult, I can’t imagine how these children must feel 😢. Thankfully the parents found the right info early on to quit the steroids and adopt a natural route. Please check out the video below and share it with anyone you know who might have a child with eczema who is using the creams, or contemplating using them. Or anyone with eczema who is using topical steroids. Also check out ITSAN for more info! 💜



3.5 Years Topical Steroid Free!

Wow, it’s pretty amazing to think how long I’ve been in the game of TSW (topical steriod withdrawal). Right now I’m typing this out on my phone (been having computer issues lately 😞) and I’m sitting in my moms apartment in Florida. Yup, I left Nyc temporarily to help my healing process along. This month as well as most of the summer has been really up & down for my skin. Of course I’m trying to take it all in stride and not be too upset when there are more down days than up.

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Nola Tendrock where are you? lol

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I hope the reader I’m looking for sees this post….

I was contacted by a reader named Nola Tendrock, when I went to send my response email to them their email got sent back, because the email address provided ( was invalid. Nola Tendrock, please contact me again so I can correspond with you and get you the advice you were looking for. You can comment here with the correct email or just shoot me another email @ 🙂




Eczema you have no place in my body, eczema you have no place in my body. I’m not a prisoner of eczema, I’m not a prisoner of eczema.

Was just saying this mantra over and over as I was battling a burning itch attack 😞. It actually helped, it made me focus my attention on the mantra and the pain slowly subsided. Do you all have mantras you say to yourself?