Recipes! – Banana Almond Coconut Shake!


Banana Almond Coconut Shake!  -
Banana Almond Coconut Shake! YUUUUUUUUM!!!


I look forward to drinking my morning smoothies every day.  I guess it’s just that sweet, delicious creaminess that keeps me addicted!  Sometimes I’ll blend them a bit thicker so it’s almost like an ice cream consistency or a little thinner like a milkshake.  This smoothie in particular tasted like straight up dessert…but for breakfast!!

I broke down my first Thai Coconut the other day (not an easy feat for a novice) and drank the nourishing coconut water immediately… so delicious!  I scooped out the meat and saved it in a glass container… or what was left of it anyways; I was munching on it with every scoop hehe.

This particular morning I had just made some fresh almond butter in my Vitamix and right after I do that I usually make a smoothie to get all of that butter goodness stuck on the sides of the pitcher.  When I whipped up this heavenly smoothie I truly felt like I was drinking a creamy ice cream milkshake, but so much healthier for you!  This one made a lot and pretty much filled up my 28oz Weck jar.  You could be kind and share, or be greedy like me and drink it all down by yourself 😉


Banana Almond Coconut Shake 

*my measurements weren’t completely exact, you can mess with it depending on the consistency you’re looking for.

-2 frozen organic bananas (organic is soooo much sweeter, trust me!)

-1/4-1/2 cup fresh coconut meat

-1/2-1 cup almond milk (homemade is best, if not then look for a GMO free brand without carrageenan in it)

-1 spoonful of fresh homemade almond butter (my butter was simply raw whole almonds blended with a spoon of coconut oil and about 1/2 tsp ground flax)

-1 cube of ice

Blend and transport yourself to heaven!


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