Using Helichrysum Essential Oil

I’ve been experiencing some super annoying irritation on my hands lately. Cracks in the lines of my palms and rawness in between the fingers. This has been making everything much more challenging because of the pain I feel in doing the most normal chores. Just getting my hands wet would burn like crazy and leave me crying waiting for the tingling and intense itch to calm down. Because of this symptom, I’ve been keeping my hands as dry as possible, using loose fitting plastic gloves to do anything (chopping up veggies, brushing my teeth, washing up my body). The skin is trying so hard to form a new layer and every time it gets wet it’s just ripped off, left exposed and oozy 😔

As I’ve learned more about the healing properties of essential oils I came across helichrysum oil and just how powerful it can be at healing wounds in the skin.

Check out this video on helichrysum essential oil.

So I mixed some up with organic raw coconut oil, then later on just started applying my DIY essential oil cream to my hands (which not only has helichrysum but frankincense, myrrh and lavender essential oils). Look out for an upcoming post on the essential oil cream recipe. 😉

The essential oil by itself does burn slightly and tingle when applying. It’s an oil that you can use by itself just fine but I found that when I diluted a bit with organic raw coconut oil helped to take down the burn. The tingling and slight burn is most likely because this oil stimulates blood flow and gets the nerves stimulated.

After a few weeks it has finally cleared up. It took some time because it’s pretty impossible to not get your hands wet and not use them. Ah, paitence, paitence.

Helichrysum, the flower that contributes to “Everlasting” and “Immortal” Essential Oil, and known by the names Helichrysum Angustifolium and Helichrysum Italicum, is an European herb native to France, Italy and a few neighboring countries. This is a very costly oil and scarcely available, but unlike other essential oils which have a short shelf life, this oil can be stored for a very long time.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum italicum 

Distilled from the flower cluster of an evergreen herb, helichrysum is one of the most precious & sought after essential oils.

  • Helps skin recover quickly
  • Supports localized blood flow
  • Helps retain moisture in the skin & prevents dehydration and cracking
  • Promotes healthy liver function

Cytophylactic: Helichrysum Oil promotes cell health, encourages the recycling of dead cells, and stimulates the production of new cells. This helps in the overall growth and repair of the body. This property can be particularly beneficial for growing children or children who have obstructed growth.

Cicatrisant: This property of Helichrysum Essential Oil makes your wounds and cuts heal quickly and scar marks disappear fast. It is equally effective on clearing up spots left on your skin by pox, boils, and other skin irregularities.

You can purchase the Therapudic grade brand of essential oil that I use HERE 💜

NOVEMBER 11th pics

NOVEMBER 13th pics

Starting to heal up, you can see that layers of skin are trying to form to restore the skin.   

NOVEMBER 20th pics

My hands were doing somewhat better, then went through some more irritation just from rubbing them. I’d try really hard to keep them dry but when they did get wet, they’d get super itchy and the rubbing would begin. So back to really raw fingers. 😢

I’m continuing to use the coconut oil x helichrysum oil as well as my DIY essential oil cream.


DECEMBER 2nd pics

Finally seeing better improvement in my hands! No more agonizing burn when it gets wet, itching has reduced and no more oozing. The dryness is still there but definitely improving with the use of my emollients & increasing my water intake. Gotta hydrate from the inside out!  


12 thoughts on “Using Helichrysum Essential Oil

    1. No prob! Yes, having that irritation on the hands makes it nearly impossible to do anything. Make sure to click the link (HERE) in the post to see all the products they have to offer! That brand is of super high quality and therapeutic grade, most brands out there are diluted with fillers….no bueno!

  1. I know the feeling. The skin splitting, tingling, million fire ants under the skin feeling is dreadful. I had that all over my face for countless months. I’m glad to see that it’s calmed down for you now, it seems as if this new essential oil is working, hopefully it only gets better on from here!

    1. Ugh! On your face is the worst! Honestly I don’t know if there’s any spot on the body that can be tolerable lol. Glad you’re doing better!
      Thanks! Yes, onward and upward from here! I’ll always use essential oils, anything natural and pure is perfect for me! ☺️

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