What I Eat in a Day – Vegan!

Ugh eating a vegan diet is sooooo hard! Hehehe, just joking! 🙂 This lil blog update is to show what I eat in a day, all vegan, all delicious! Vegan is basically no animal products (meat, eggs and by products like dairy) and all the abundant plant based foods you can eat!

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I’ve been eating a vegan diet for over a year now… but I did have some wild caught salmon back in Aug and Sept, then went back on it. For some reason I was craving salmon like crazy and indulged. I ate it about once a week and after time I just got off it. As I learned more and more about the vegan lifestyle I became more disciplined in my dietary choices. It’s truly the best diet to heal pretty much all illnesses. Going plant based has so many benefits because it’s highly alkaline and nutrient dense. You’re not flooding your body with hard to digest acidic foods like meat and dairy. Those foods have such a long transit time (animal products:24-72 hours!) in the digestive system. Plant based foods go in, and come out in a matter of a few hours… fruit takes even less time (plant foods:up to 3 hours)! Optimal digestion and perfect gut health is sooo crucial to healing diseases, especially eczema. We need our elimination organs to be working at peak performance because if our channels of elimination are clogged up and not flowing properly, our bodies will push it out onto the skin which is no bueno!

There is this terrible myth that people believe that you don’t get enough nutrients when you go vegan, and the dreaded question “but where do you get your protein from???” When you take a look at my cronometer nutrient break down, you will see just HOW MUCH protein I got in for that day. It was an insane amount, which we typically don’t really need, but that vegan chili was just packed with it. We can’t be deficient in protein and can literally get away with about 20-30 grams of it although the recommened amount is around 50. To figure out your target for protein in grams you can take your weight, multiply it by 4 then divide it by 10, you can even get less than that amount and be fine (remember we cannot be protein deficent). Plant based proteins are different from animal based proteins because it doesn’t come along with the awful saturated fat, acidity and isn’t disease causing. Check out The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. This book is the TRUTH, and it sheds so much light on how our super high protein diets are causing so many diseases in our culture.

If you’re worried about having a B12 deficiency which is common with vegans, the organic micro algae supplements I take are packed with B12 as well as many other nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Algae is so powerful and healing for the body, no need for a B12 shot or tablets. The algae that I take has 3.7 micrograms in a serving when the RDA (recommended daily allowance) is 2.4!! Yes, its OVER FLOWING with this stuff!

We’re literally killing ourselves with our forks folks! Going vegan is also the most sustainable diet. It doesn’t harm the animals and is the best way to combat climate change. Yup, our need for animal agriculture is hurting our planet… about 51% of green house gas emissions are from raising cattle for slaughter! Don’t believe me… please check out Cowspiracy, such an eye opener of a documentary. Also check out Gary Yourofsky’s The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear… my mind was pretty blown on how real he keeps it in this speech. If you want to reverse symptoms of disease and heal your eczema, go plant based! You will flood your body of nutrients that it will use as energy to heal. The body knows exactly what it’s doing and is self-healing… giving it the proper fuel to do so is the best thing you can do to aid it to restoration!

Try Vegan for the month of January…. Veganuary! And then do it for life lol

Check out Dr. Michael Greger’s awesome site for all things nutrition with a focus on healing the body with a plant based diet. I listen to his talks all the time and always take in great new information!

Dr. McDougal is another doctor who promotes veganism for healing, and he’s got some great speeches and awesome information to share too!


This is typically how my daily meals will go. I like to eat lots of fruit in the morning, always a large salad and something cooked. I always finish out the day with a delicious green drink.

First thing I hydrate with lots of water and then have my turmeric with lemon or lime tea in the morning because it wakes up the digestion and helps elimination along. This particular morning I had about 3 cups of cubed papaya, if you’ve never had papaya, please indulge! To me it has such an almost caramel sweet flavour, and is amazing for skin health. I always have a delicious fruit smoothie and since persimmons are so abundant in the winter season I threw them into my smoothie with of course bananas, mango a dash of almond milk and water and dates. Dates are another lil gem that I’ve become obsessed with… you wanna talk about caramel? Eat a date! So incredibly sweet and satisfying. I will eat these for dessert sometimes with some sunflower seed or almond butter slathered on top.

*You want to get about 4-5 servings EACH of different fruits and veggies in a day. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water between meals. Only have sips with you’re meal because too much water will break down the stomach acids that are needed for proper digestion.

Later I had some seasoned baked russet potatoes (a lil bit of oil and a lil pink Himalayan salt with smoked paprika and black pepper, no oil is even better for you) with a large salad with a mixture of veggies and avocado. Try to get in a half or a full avocado a day because it’s a wonderful healthy fat and great for skin health as well.

“Linner” (I like to eat my biggest meal of the day before 6pm because the digestion system is working optimally earlier in the day) I had some delicious 3 bean chili with black, pinto and red kidney beans. I topped it off with some chopped spring onions and avocado cubes with a few torilla chips on the side for dipping. In my cronometer break down I say that it was no salt organic blue corn tortilla chips, but its was actually organic yellow corn with a slight amount of sea salt on them. The blue corn one is the only choice they had that matched the description close enough.

Lastly I had my night time green drink. I like to drink this as the last thing I consume because it aids the body in detox over night. The body is restoring and repairing at night so it’s great to give it some nutrients to help it along. I don’t have a juicer but use a Vitamix to make my green drinks. It keeps the fiber intact which is great, but a juicer works just as well, some think even better, just to get that straight shot of nutrients without the fiber bulk that takes a lil bit of time to digest. In this green drink I had: kale, parsley, cilantro, celery, ginger and apple YUM!


click to zoom in!

As you can see on my vegan diet I’m not lacking in any nutrients. To get more vitamin D, I just need to get out in the sun more and get natures vitamin D. I pretty much EXCEEDED most of my levels. I was a lil high on the fat, but it is healthy plant based fat, so it’s all good! I don’t feel deprived in my diet at all, and always feel full.

In further blog posts I will share what I eat in a day on a raw vegan diet. Many people go raw and they don’t eat enough and don’t feel satiated. It’s all about carbing up, same with a regular vegan diet. Carbs are fuel and healthy calories to keep you fuller longer. When I say carbs I don’t mean processed simple carbs like pastries, white flour foods etc. I mean potatoes, rice, bananas, fruit, dates, whole grain sprouted breads etc.

Going vegan isn’t hard at all, its great on your health, the planet and wonderful for our animal friends! Give it a try and lemme know you’re results!

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